Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


12. Hanging with Little Mix

(Nats POV)

The next day Perrie had called and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with her Jade Leigh-Ann and Jesy I put on the boots Perrie gave me  red pre ripped jeans my minnie tshirt and polka dotted sweat shirt I used the nail kit that Leigh-Ann got me the night before to paint my nails red with polka dots and put on my red lip gloss and my necklace they got me (I wanted to wear my new things since I just got them I was super excited I didnt wear what Jesy gave me because it didnt match) after I finshed and satisfied with the results and left to meet them "OMG you look great" Perrie said once I found them.

"I couldnt resist to wear my new things" I said every one else complemented me as well we were there for ages we were going to the red capet tommrow it was my last famous thing to do and the orange/purple carpet. I found a dress that was long in the back short in the back the skirt cheetah print and a strapless black top with a bow belt and a pair of black stilettos and and a long strapless purple dress with a fancy belt and purple stilettos. Then we went to their break house (for when they were on break there) and tried it all on having a little fashion show we felt satisfied with how we looked and started talking about girl things "so how is it dating Zayn" Jesy asked.

"well he's really sweet and knows how to treat me we dont do really romantic stuff and I would like to go on a couple romantic dinners but other than that Im really happy"

"wait he hasnt taken you out to a ramentic dinner"Perrie asked

"well no"

"your kidding"Jade broke in.

"no I really wish he would I mean my personalty must be a little where you wouldnt want a romantic dinner you know"

"well I was liked that with my ex and finally I broke it to him I want a ramantic dinner" Leigh-Ann said

"or you could kinda hint it out to him so if he does it would be more of a suprise" Jesy said we all agreed and then I went home I had a fun time with them I never had much girl time anymore.

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