Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


7. Emily

(Zayn POV)

Emily was band from where we were so we were safe where ever we were but Nat was jumpy very jumpy but she felt safe when she was with me Paul was keeping an extra close eye on us we had police sorrunding the perimeters of our location Emily had murdered 3 others with out any thing just her. After 3 months we thought she wasnt any trouble any more so the police left and Paul just watched us like normal but soon we saw her she came un armed and attacked Nat I tried to help but Nat seemed to take care of it on her own she was fighting back and finally gave her back all the pain Emily caused Nat Louis laughing his head off for who knows what Nat tied emily up finally waiting on the police but Emily got out the rope and went for the kitchen where I was alone she grabbed a knife "should of stopped her" Emily was angry and a syco i screamed for help but Nat and the rest were already there Nat was from fort hood her dad was in the milatary she wasnt scared of anything but some things she grabbed emily and put her in alock thing Emily wasnt in any pain and hit back knife still in hand and cut Nat on there arm but Nat didnt do anything but scream a little than the police came and took her and a ambulance to take Nat they wouldnt let me come so I followed in my car everyone followed in the van we got there told then we were for Nat and waited the doctor came "she'll be fine but she did get a head ingury we dont know any thing further but she might forget some things but you may see her she is awake" we ran in

"Nat" I yelled i hugged her she hugged back I could tell she remebered who we are but as what.

"Zayn?" she asked she rembered me "what happened"

"Emily she cut your arm" I said holding her arm "how much do you rember

"Niall Harry Liam Steph Alex Louis and you are my best friends" she said no she doesnt rember me as her boyfriend. Every one stared at me I ran out the room and stood in the hall I rembered the day she said she had a crush on me.*flash back* "I said Louis had to catch me" I was standing by the tree we were sitting at she ran and Louis cought her "spil it" he said

"ok get off me"she said louis got off and she sighed "Zayn" my eyes widened and a smile crept on my face*flash back over* I started to cry its all Emilys fault Liam came out he was my best friend.

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