Their Blood On My Hands

When Eliza was little, her parents and family were mudered. She escaped with her families blood on her hands. She was taken to a care center and treated cruely. At 16 she was released, and it was up to her to survive in that cruel and unforgiving world. The boys of the world fell hoplessly in love with her. How will she survive life? * By the way this isnt very gory she just had a bad past*


2. What do I wear?

Eliza's P.O.V


I needed to get up. I couldn't dwell on dreams forever. I stumbled out of bed and showered in hot water. I dried myself and looked for a suitable outfit to wear. It can take literally FOREVER to get ready. I face timed my best freind, Sammy for fashion advice. We met in the care center and became best friends, inserprable. Hurry up and connect I thought. I cursed under my breath. I wasn't the girl for swearing, at least thats what everyone says.I believe differently. " Whats up El" the IPod said. What the?!?!?!? IPods don't talk! I must be going mad... " El is everything in the OK zone?" Ohh.. Its Sammy. " Yeah, Yeah..." i said absentmindly. "Anways what do i wear?"

" The purple strap top with those Red jeans a flats" She answered, spitting out the answer like a machine gun. She was the fashion guru in our realtionship. I snapped out of my trance and pulled on my jeans and t-shirt. A pulled my flats on. I smacked some bold red lipstick on and mascara. All set I thought. Im going to find me a job.




P.S how am I going? It's my first movella I just made my account. Please tell me if it's good Im desperste Xd!

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