Their Blood On My Hands

When Eliza was little, her parents and family were mudered. She escaped with her families blood on her hands. She was taken to a care center and treated cruely. At 16 she was released, and it was up to her to survive in that cruel and unforgiving world. The boys of the world fell hoplessly in love with her. How will she survive life? * By the way this isnt very gory she just had a bad past*


6. Steal her heart

Nic's P.O.V


I winced slightly as I prepared for what was coming. I know its wrong to flirt but she's gorgeous... Beautiful red locks, emerald green eyes... a harsh slap awoke me from my day dream. " Don't try with her Nicholas, she has enough to worry about without being harassed by some over-eager teenager". Charlie is usually harsh but never like this. I stood up, rubbing my face I yelled in defence. "I AM NO TEENAGER. I AM 23!" that felt good. " anyway how would you know" I said with a grin. I am soo gonna win this one. Nic-1 Charlie-NONE. "Cause I'm going to be the one to steal her heart. Then I left....

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