Their Blood On My Hands

When Eliza was little, her parents and family were mudered. She escaped with her families blood on her hands. She was taken to a care center and treated cruely. At 16 she was released, and it was up to her to survive in that cruel and unforgiving world. The boys of the world fell hoplessly in love with her. How will she survive life? * By the way this isnt very gory she just had a bad past*


1. Flashback

I tossed and turned in my eternal slumber. It was happening for the 7th night this week. The same dream. The same show of horrible memories of my dark past. *Dream*

"Goodnight sweetie" I felt a light kiss on the top of my messy red locks.

"Gwood nwight mummy" I replied happily. Mummy and Daddy always gave me a kiss. A magical kiss that was the portal to the world of the impossible. I yawned and closed my eyes. Just a little nap I thought to myself.

*3:00 Am* I heard the door creak open the slightest bit. Then light footsteps sneaking down the hallway to our room. I shared my room with mummy and daddy, Sally and Tim. Sally was 3 years old and slept in a castle shaped bed. Timmy was a little baby, only 3 months and slept in a blue and white cot. I slept in a cot still. I was very short for my age. Suddenly the bedroom door was open. A loud voice commanded " Wake up you family of baby brats" Everyone woke up Timmy weeping, Sally shivering and Mummy and Daddy looking angry and worried at the same time. I was cuddling Mr.Snuggle, my brown and fuzzy. " Right now your awake give me all your valubles" the other one commanded. Timmy cried even louder. " Shut the darn baby up or there will be blood spilt" He yelled. Mummy tried to, but it was in vain. A gun sounded and 3 bullets hit Timmy. 1 to the stomach and 2 to the brain. Blood poured down him. " Noo" Mummy sobbed " You monsters!" she yelled. The same sound came. A steady stream of blood ran down her face. Another dead relitave. Sally got out of bed and... BOOM. Her body was down, lifless like mummy and Timmy. " It was too much. I sobbed into Sally's body. " ELIZA GREEN OUT NOW" daddy yelled. I couldn't though. My body was stiffened.

* Back to the present*

I woke up. The memory was to horrible. Everyone i loved dead, me escaping with their blood on my hands. I never meant for that to happen. Never, Never, Never.

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