Their Blood On My Hands

When Eliza was little, her parents and family were mudered. She escaped with her families blood on her hands. She was taken to a care center and treated cruely. At 16 she was released, and it was up to her to survive in that cruel and unforgiving world. The boys of the world fell hoplessly in love with her. How will she survive life? * By the way this isnt very gory she just had a bad past*


5. A lovers grin

I rushed out of my black four wheel drive, hurrying through the staff only door. I glanced at the customer clock. 10:57. Few I wasn't late yet. I saw a room with a stage up the front, and about 20 chairs in front. I took a seat at the front, carefully tucking my dress under my bottom and waited for eleven o'clock. I heard footsteps thud into the room, and saw 3 young men walk in, in tuxedos. I knew this was going to be a fancy party, but I never imagined this! The one with light brown hair and green eyes didn't talk to me, but flashed me a cheeky grin. The other two just politely smiled than turned around and scolded the other member of the group. " My name is Hennery and this is Charlie." I waved, slightly confused. The other man rolled his eyes and made the puke face. I giggled. I didn't even know this guys name and I'm liking him. I wonder what his name is... "and my name is Nicholas but call me Nic" he said smiling with that mischievous grin of his. Ohh, Nic is one cute name... A loud speaker interrupted my thoughts as the manger spoke. "Attention, my name is Lila  and i am the manger around here...." She went on explaining everything until the lights came on and we were dismissed. I returned to my original thoughts about the boys...  

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