Poems from the darkest soul



2. The way she feels


Lights off in a dark room
Shadows of everything all around
Teenage girl sitting in the corner, music cranked up so loud
Everyone thinking that she's okay
Her silver pride of joy in a dresser, put away.
Blood stained carpets and a thousand tiny scars
Tears stained all down her cheeks
The constant bullying of names she's been called. 
The form of abuse everyday
Even when not around, the taunts are in her memory
They never leave
Everyday she wear a fake smile and fakes her laugh.
So fragile and broken
Feeling worthless and hated
As if she don't belong in this world
Her silver pride of joy makes a temporary stay
Blood oozing down her arm
over-laying her skin
That familiar pain slowly going away
As she makes another, the deeper it gets
Her mind goes blank as sweet relief takes.
As she does this every day.
Her calming saviour comes to take the pain
And she is slowly lifted away.

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