Poems from the darkest soul



4. Darkness


My mind, filled with darkness
my life, merely a plight
Seems to be no more days, just a continuous night
My dreams have been crushed
My spirit broken
My mind repeats words of broken promises spoken
Today is the same
As the days before
Just get through the day and endless chore
At the end of this tunnel
I long to see light
But for now there's not a glimpse of it in sight
I miss hearing. My laughter
Seeing the smile on my face
But they've disappeared in this horrid dark place
I try to scream out
But my screams always fade
And I try to tear down the walls I have made
Im completely isolated
All alone
If I did something to deserve this I wish I had known
Can no one see
See the  pain that I hide
Do I even exist or have I already died
How do I get out
Of this place so dark and cold
what has happened to this heart that was once made of gold
How much hurt have I been through
To make me this way
I want to be free of here, I don't want to stay
I want the sun to return
To my once happy life
Before it was filled with all this grief and strife
But since it has not
All I can do today
Is to keep right on walking on my way
No matter what it takes
Or how impossible I assume
I will not give up looking for the light switch in this dark room

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