Poems from the darkest soul



3. Cell

I stare out In to darkness
Its so dark I am blinded
By the thoughts that have come from being so sorrowful minded
The want to be loved
The sadness that has rein
all this darkness is starting to poison my brain
I try to be happy
But I don't even know how
I can't even remember what happy feels like right now
Was I that bad a person
To be locked in this cell
For I am the prisoner but I'm the guard as well
I lock myself up 
With forceful aggression
Keeping me locked in with overpowering depression
I know what your thinking
Its my choice to leave
But I can't just get up and get out as you perceive
For the part of my brain
I said was poisoned before
Is the one who is standing guard at the door
"you can't leave this place
Cant you see I'm in charge"
I can't escape, I'm small, and he is so large
So I give up
And I sulk in my cell
Hoping the sun would come out for a spell
In this prison
It is just me and depression
its wet, dark, and cold, and ruled by oppression
I scream and call out
But no one can hear me
Ive looked everywhere but I can't find the key
As days go on
I keep losing hope
Im lost, and confused, and I don't know how to cope
Ive watched my life change 
From being filled with gladness
To glorious madness, and sickening sadness
Im getting tired
In this cell I will keep
I lay on the ground and cry myself to sleep

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