Zianourry Family

Louis and Niall are a married couple who go down to the orphanage to adopt the three kids they've been told about after they signed some papers. They go to the orphanage and take Harry, Liam and Zayn home.

The couple have a hard time managing their new children, but somehow they make it work out at the end of the day.


4. Note (not a chapter)


Hey everyone! 

So this isn't an update or anything, sorry. I'll have that up by tomorrow hopefully or in a little while. Now I want you all to know that I may be busy in a few days, two, to be exact. Family things coming up so I don't know how much I'll be able to come on after that.

Aside from that, I decided to change Harry's age from 3 and a half months old to 2 and a half months old. I realized that I made Harry act younger, so it would be cuter?... maybe. I just love little Harry. I have an obsession, I think. 

So that's all, I think.... 

Um... I don't know if there is anything else I need to say...

Updating is getting harder and harder and school is starting again soon. So we'll see how that goes and I'll try not to be a stranger and update whenever I can and as much as I can! Please forgive me if I can't get one in soon, it's quite hard to be honest.

Love you guys, thanks for reading!!

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