Zianourry Family

Louis and Niall are a married couple who go down to the orphanage to adopt the three kids they've been told about after they signed some papers. They go to the orphanage and take Harry, Liam and Zayn home.

The couple have a hard time managing their new children, but somehow they make it work out at the end of the day.


3. Chapter 2


Louis' POV:

I looked at the two boys who were awake and smiled. "So, lets get changed, yeah?" I asked. They both nod their heads as Zayn gets off the couch and holds his arms out to carry Harry. Liam slowly puts Harry into Zayn's arms and Zayn holds him closer. Harry's head falls gently onto Zayn's shoulder and I bite my lip hesitantly. I don't want Zayn dropping Harry while walking up the stairs. I don't say anything and watch as the two boys make their way to the staircase. Niall and I follow them up the stairs. I look at Niall who has the same look on his face. I look back at the two boys in front of us and continue to walk up the stairs.

Halfway up the stairs Zayn loses his footing and slips backwards. Niall quickly reaches out for Zayn and holds him up so he doesn't fall. But as Zayn lays limply against Niall he accidentally lets go of Harry who is wide awake now. Harry's body starts falling down the stairs and Liam gasps in shock. I quickly scoop Harry up into my arms and stop him from falling further down the stairs. Thank goodness I was a few steps behind Niall. I lift Harry up into my arms and he starts sobbing and whaling. I hold him close as he buries his head into the crook of my neck. I rub his back soothingly and look up at Niall, Liam and Zayn who are all looking worriedly at Harry. "Well I'll get him a bottle of milk, you all get ready for bed." I tell them. Niall nods and ushers the two boys up the stairs while I walk back down the stairs and walk into the kitchen with Harry in my arms. He whimpers and continues to cry while I get his milk ready. 

Once the milk is warm in the baby bottle I take it and look down at Harry. He has his face hidden in my neck and is clenching my shirt with his tiny fists. He whimpers while I walk into the living room and sit down on one of the couches. I adjust him on my lap so he's leaning against my body and smile down at him. I slowly bring the bottle up to his lips and he starts to suck on it and drink the milk.

Once he's half done his bottle of milk his eyes are drooping and he's fighting against sleep. I chuckle quietly and he looks up at me with the bottle still in his mouth. I smile and peck his forehead lightly. "You are too cute for words, little Hazza." I say softly. He giggles and continues to drink his milk. When he's just about done his milk, only a quarter of it left, he's fast asleep in my arms. I smile and slowly put the cap on the baby bottle. I stand up slowly and adjust Harry. His head is now resting in the crook of my neck and his left hand is clenching my shirt lightly. I walk up the stairs with Harry in my arms and his bottle in my right hand.

Once I reach the top of the stairs I walk into the room I assume Niall is in, which is supposed to be Zayn's room. I walk into the room and see both Liam and Zayn changed into some pajamas. I smile once they all look at me and Niall smiles back. Zayn puts a hand around Liam for protection most likely. I chuckle at the gesture and shake my head fondly. "They going to bed?" I ask Niall. He nods and looks back at the two boys then at me, then at Harry. "Is he asleep?" he asks. I nod my head and he does the same.

"Lets get you both to bed, hmm?" Niall says to Zayn and Liam. They both nod their heads hesitantly and we both smile at them. "So, this is Zayn's room, but for tonight, do you all want to sleep together?" Niall asks them. They both nod and Zayn hugs Liam tightly. "Alright then, get into bed you two." Niall says with a smile. Zayn and Liam both climb into the bed and snuggle into the blankets. 

"Okay so, we'll take Harry into--" I was cut off by Zayn. "NO! Harry sleeps with us." Zayn says with a glare. Niall and I look at each other shocked before looking back at Zayn. "Please? We always sleep together." Liam says softly and quietly. "Just for tonight." He adds. I sigh and nod my head, "Okay, but just for tonight." I slowly put Harry on the bed  in the middle of the two boys. They both lay back down and cuddle with Harry. 

"Um okay, so call if you need anything at all. We'll be down the hall. Come and get us if anything is wrong." Niall tells them both. They nod and close their eyes. "Okay, good night you two. We love you both." I whisper. Liam hums in reply and Niall and I both smile at each other. 

"Good night." Niall says as he walks over to the night light and turns it on, flipping the light switch off and shutting the door and leaving it open just a crack once we're both out of the room. We walk back down the stairs and sigh tiredly. We sit down on one of the couches and relax for a bit. 

A few minutes later Niall breaks the silence and says, "They are going to be a handful." I smirk at him and reply, "Yeah, but we can handle it." Niall shakes his head and groans, then replies, "You can handle it, I can't." I chuckle quietly and say, "You can handle it too. You weren't half bad today." Niall groans louder this time and says, "No, I sucked at it, I let Harry fall down the stairs, remember?" 

"Yes, but I caught him and you caught Zayn." I tell him. He huffs and replies, "But they are gonna be so hard to deal with! I mean, three of them?" I raise an eyebrow at him and ask, "What's wrong with three?" He sighs and replies, "It's hard to take care of three, maybe two would be better, one would be great, but Harry will be a handful just because he's so young and only three, Liam will be a handful because he doesn't do anything without Harry or Zayn and he has trust issues or whatever and Zayn, he's going to be a handful because he's so grumpy and stubborn." I laugh at that and ask, "Grumpy and stubborn? It's his first day here, it's all of their first days here, of course they'll be grumpy and stubborn, and have trust issues." 

Niall rolls his eyes and says, "The least they could do is act more mature." I smirk and reply, "I'm not mature, and you're not that mature either." He huffs at me and groans loudly. I laugh and say, "You're the one who was so excited this morning, remember?" He rolls his eyes again and sighs. "I'm getting food." He says and stands up. I laugh and say, "You can't go a day without food." He's already in the kitchen and yells a replies, "Food is food! Eat it while you have it!" I roll my eyes and yell back, "Of course you think that, Niall!" I get a loud laugh as a chuckle and can't help but smile myself.


No One's POV (Third Person):

Zayn and Liam were both awake in bed, not being able to sleep. Harry was already fast asleep in the middle which wasn't a surprise really, he could sleep at any time, mostly because he was so active and always cheerful and hyper, even though he couldn't talk.

Liam and Zayn both cuddled closer to Harry and closed their eyes with a sigh leaving both their lips. They open their eyes and look at each other and smile. Then close their eyes again and fall asleep soon after.

Zayn is awoken by a whimpering noise coming from his arms. He opens his eyes and looks down at Harry who is awake and whimpering with tears in his eyes, he's clutching onto Zayn's shirt with both his chubby little hands and has his legs against Liam's thighs. Zayn frowns and hugs Harry. He rubs Harry's back soothingly and after a few moments his sobs get louder and he buries his face into Zayn's neck. Liam awakes at the sound of his little 'brother' crying and immediately sits up and looks down at him then at Zayn who is hugging Harry. Zayn also sits up and pulls Harry onto his lap slowly and gently.

Harry whimpers and clings to his brother while sobbing. Zayn rubs his back and Liam pats Harry's bum lightly just to check if he had an accident, which he did. Liam looks at Zayn and whispers, "He had an accident." Zayn frowns and nods his head slowly while looking down at the crying boy. "It'll be okay, Hazzey, just relax and we'll get that diaper all cleaned up for you." He tells the small shaking and sobbing boy in his arms. Harry whimpers in reply and Liam slowly gets out of bed, looking around the room for any diapers or nappies. "Where do they keep the diapers and nappies?" He asks Zayn, who shrugs in reply and answers, "I don't know, check... the bathroom?"

Liam nods as Zayn slowly stands up with little Harry in his arms. They both slowly make their way to the bathroom, not meaning to make any noise, but failing once Liam hits his toe on the wall. "Are you okay?" Zayn asks when Liam squeals loudly. Liam nods and takes a deep breath. After a moment Liam takes a deep breath and sighs, then says, "I'm good now." Zayn nods and they both make their way to the big bathroom.

Meanwhile downstairs, Louis and Niall were both eating junk food and watching the telly, neither really paying attention to whatever was on. They both jump a little when they hear a loud thud coming from upstairs followed by a loud squeal. They both stand up, startled, and look at each other. "You heard that, right?" Louis asks. Niall nods and they both make their way up the seemingly long staircase.

Once their both at the top they make their way to Zayn's room, where they assume the boys are. When they see the door open and no one in there, they panic and look at each other again. They look in all the rooms, Harry's room, Liam's room, the guest room, their room, the closet and finally they see the bathroom light on and the door opened just a crack.

They walk into the bathroom slowly and see Liam and Zayn sitting on the floor in front of Harry, who's laying on the floor with no clothes on and no diaper on. The diaper is in the trash can and the two boys don't know where to find another one, they looked everywhere, or so they thought. Niall decides to speak up and asks, "Boys?" the two little boys jump a little and turn around to see Louis and Niall standing by the door looking at them all. "What's going on?" Louis asks softly.

The two boys blush and Liam points to Harry, who is still sniffling and teary eyed. "Hazza had an accident." He tells them, ignoring the shocked and disapproving look Zayn sends his way. The two boys smile a little and Louis slowly sits in front of them. "You could have called us and we could have cleaned him up, that's not your job to do. That's our job, you don't need to worry about Harry making an accident, okay?" He asks softly. Liam is hesitant but nods slowly. "Okay." He whispers shyly. 

"Okay, lets get you two back to bed, hmm?" Niall says cheerfully. The two boys look at him then back at Harry who is still laying on the floor naked and sad. "Don't worry about him, you two go back to bed with Niall while I take care of Harry." Louis says with a soft smile. They are both hesitant until Liam steps forward and takes Niall's hand in his. Niall smiles at him and squeezes his hand gently, causing Liam to smile shyly. Zayn is still not sure about this and just glares at Niall and Louis.

"C'mon Zaynie, lets get to bed." Niall says with a smile, holding out his other hand for Zayn to take. Zayn glares at him and replies stubbornly, "Don't call me Zaynie, I want to stay here with Harry." Niall smiles softly and bends down in front of Zayn. "I promise Harry will come back to bed with you, he just needs a diaper change, that's all. You don't need to stay with--" He tried reassuring Zayn but got cut off by him yelling, "I DO NEED TO STAY WITH HIM! HE'S MY BROTHER, YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT HIM SO JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!" 

Liam flinches at Zayn's outburst and hides a little behind Niall, he's never heard Zayn yell like that before and he's definitely never seen him this angry. It scared him a little. Harry starts sobbing loudly at Zayn's yell and starts kicking his legs in panic. Louis quickly scoops him up into his arms and hugs him tightly but gently. After a few minutes Harry calms down and hugs Louis back, hiding his face in Louis' chest and fisting his shirt with one hand. Louis rubs soothing circles into Harry's back and kisses the top of his head. 

Meanwhile Niall calms down after Harry's sobbing stops, and looks back at Zayn. "Please Zayn, it's late and you all need some rest. Harry will be done soon, don't worry. Louis isn't going to hurt him and he'll be back in bed in no time, only in a matter of minutes really. You'll have Liam with you and soon Harry will be back too. It's just a quick diaper change and the sooner we get you both to bed the sooner Harry will be back with you." Niall reasons with the stubborn 8 year old.

Zayn glares but looks at Liam, who is hiding behind Niall, then he looks at Liam and Niall's hands, that are intertwined together. He moves his gaze to Louis and Harry, Harry is hiding his face in Louis' chest and Louis is hugging him close. Zayn then looks back at Niall and sighs. "Fine." He grumbles and pushes past Niall and walks out of the bathroom and to his own room. He stubbornly gets in bed and lies down. 

Niall sighs at Zayn's stubbornness and looks at Louis who is smiling softly at him. "Get them to bed, Ni, I'll get Harry cleaned up." The older boy tells him. Niall nods his head and stands up. He turns around and faces Liam, who's looking scared and unsure. He smiles and squeezes the little boys hand, causing him to look up and whimper. Niall frowns and picks Liam up gently and easily. "It's okay Liam, Zayn's just a little grumpy that's all. Lets get you to bed, hmm?" Niall says sweetly. Liam looks at him then points at Harry. "He'll be there in a minute. Just a diaper change and then he'll be in bed with you and you can cuddle him." Niall reassures. Liam is hesitant but nods nonetheless. Niall smiles and walks out of the bathroom with Liam in his arms. They walk back into Zayn's room and see him grumpily laying in bed and glaring at the ceiling. Niall gently lays Liam down beside Zayn and sighs.

Zayn looks over at Liam, then at Niall, then back at the ceiling before asking angrily, "Where's Harry?" Niall groans in his head and replies calmly, "He's getting his diaper changed, he'll be here soon." Zayn just huffs in reply and continues to stare up at the ceiling. Niall sighs again and sits down on the floor by the bed and waits for Louis to get back with Harry.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Louis stands up with Harry in his arms and picks up Harry's pajamas before walking out of the bathroom and into Harry's room, that has a changing table and all the supplies. He gently puts Harry down on the changing table and puts his clothes on the small bed. He walks over to the diaper bag and pulls out a fresh nappy. He walks back to Harry who is sleepily rubbing his eyes and he slowly puts the diaper under Harry's bum. He gets some lotion and starts spreading it onto Harry's diaper area to make sure he doesn't get a rash. Once that's done he tapes up the diaper onto Harry and makes sure it's secure. After that he gently and slowly puts Harry's pajama top back on and leaves him in a diaper. He picks up the little boy who immediately snuggles into him and walks back to Zayn's room that's just beside Harry's room.

He walks into the room and sees Liam laying in bed facing Zayn, not saying anything. Zayn is on his back and facing the ceiling, glaring at it, and Niall is sitting on the floor beside the bed, looking tired and kind of annoyed. Once he's noticed, everyone looks at him. Zayn sits up and reaches for Harry, Niall looks relieved and Liam smiles. Louis smiles and slowly walks over to the bed, putting Harry down in the middle of the two boys and smiling when they both cuddle him and spoon him from either side. He hums fondly and looks at Niall who is also now smiling at the scene in front of them.

Niall stands up and stretches his legs. He walks over to each boy and pecks them on the foreheads. Liam doesn't fuss and neither does Harry, but Zayn grumpily rubs the spot Niall's lips were just at moments ago. Louis does the same and gets the same reactions. They mentally roll their eyes at Zayn's behaviour and put on a smile. They both say their good nights to the three little boys and once again turn on the night light, leave the door open just a crack and sigh heavily once their both out of the room.

They walk back to their shared room and strip down to just their boxers. They climb into bed and snuggle together. "That was exhausting." Niall says tiredly. Louis smiles tiredly and nods his head, "Zayn is going to be a handful." He mumbles. Niall nods in agreement and says, "He'll get better eventually. For now the other two seem to be okay, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens." Louis nods and mumbles a good night, that Niall replies, before they both fall asleep exhausted from the days events.

Liam was satisfied and content with his new family. Harry was a baby, and extremely happy with his new daddies and Zayn, well, he has a long way to go before he is going to be trusting these new people who took them in and supposedly say they love the boys. He isn't going to let them in that easily, there is no way he would think of letting them in.


And that's how they fall asleep. Content (for the most part) and exhausted from a long day.



A/N: What did you think? Liked it? It's not over yet, but that wouldn't be a half bad ending, but it's not over, tell me what you think? Sorry for the wait, I hope you liked it, I think it's coming along okay and it's actually pretty cute. 

Hope you guys liked it!

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