Loving the Unloved *Scattered Glass Series*

*NOTE* Please read the first book! *Once in a LifeTime* (Scattered Glass Series)
Me and Isabella are now happily together! Everything was fine until we meet her parents! That's when everything went wrong! They didn't like me! They were mean and we also meet her best guy friend Josh. There's one thing I didn't know about him! He had a crush on her too! He better not try to get her back! She's mine now! And I'm very protected of the people I love. We are also going on vacation to the most romantic place in the world for her birthday! She doesn't know where we're going. She will find out the very last minute!


17. "Water Park!"

Isabella's POV

     I woke up and went on my twitter and say messages saying "Did you and Joey break up? Or What's going on?" How did they find out so fast? I went on Joey's profile and it said "Guys there will be no video today. I did something so stupid! I don't know what I was thinking. I'm not feeling good. See you guys tomorrow! Love ya <3.." I felt like crying when I saw that. I love him but I hate him... I went on my profile and wrote "Hi guys! Yes it is true. Me and Joey broke up.. Don't ask what happened.. I don't want to talk about it." I wasn't going to school today so I decided to go get coffee. I walked out of my building and went to the chafe that I went to when I first got here. I went in and ordered some coffee then sat down. Then I heard someone say "Isabella." I turned to see.....Ashley. "What you what?" I asked. She came over to me and sat down and said "I heard the news. Sorry you too broke up. Maybe you guys weren't mean't for each other." "Listen Ashley. I've had a hard couple days. So why don't you just leave me alone." I said,

      "Know why would I do that?" This girl needs help. She does not know when to stop. I stood up and said "Because I fucking told you too!" I said that a little to loud and everyone turned to me. I got up and left. Geez I'm having a hard day and she isn't making it any better! I headed back to my room when I heard someone say "Isabella!" God it's not her again. She doesn't know when to stop. I turned around and said "Ashley leave me the fuck alone!" I saw that it was Zack and then said "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" He gave me the confused face then said "So how are you?" "Not good. I just broke up with my boyfriend!" "That sucks. Do you have any classes today?" "I'm skipping them today." "Oh ok. There's a water park not far from here! Do you want to go with me? I couldn't find anyone else to come." Zack asked. "Sure! Let me get my things and I'll met you at the center of campus!" "Ok!" I went back and grabbed my bikini and put it on under my clothes then grabbed a towel then headed out.

       I met Zack and he said "Ready to go?" "Yep!" We got in his car and headed there. "So what's the park called?" "It's called Paradise Island." "Cool!" We pulled up and got out. We headed in and got some seats. He then said "Ready to go on some water rides?" "Yes!" I pulled my clothes off and we headed to the biggest ride ever called the "Splash Cove." We were waiting in line and I said "I'm scared!" "You'll be fine!" I pulled out my phone and said "Here take a picture with me!" I took a picture and we both did a scary face. "Nice one." I laughed then uploaded to Instagram and the title was "About to go on a scary ride! *.* Give us luck so we don't die! xD" I ran my phone back to my seat and then back to Zack. We got on the ride and it was so fun! We went zig zag and water was coming from everywhere! We got to the end and he said "That was fun wasn't it?" "Yes of coarse!" "I'm hungry want to eat?" "Sure!" I said. We went to this little food place and Zack got like the whole store! We sat down and I said "Need anymore?" I tried not to laugh and he said "Hey! Shut up!' I have to take a picture of this.

        I took the picture and he was holding all his food. I uploaded that one too with the title being "Do you think you need anymore food Zack? Haha Love you!" We finished eating and then went on a couple more amazing rides. We sat down and tanned a little bit. I burn easy so I had to put a bunch of sun screen on. Then Zack said "I think it's about to close we better go." "Yeah." I picked up my stuff and we headed out. I took a picture of us leaving the park with the park in the background and we had sad faces on. I uploaded that with the title "We had to go because the park was closing. It was so fun! We "must" do this again!" We got to the college and he walked me back to my room because he wanted me to be safe and made sure no one kidnapped me. We got to the door and he said "Well Good Night!" I looked up at him into this brown eyes. They were so pretty! No Isabella! Stop!

     He's your friend. But maybe I like him? Maybe I want to kiss him? Isabella! No! Before I did anything I said "Goodnight! See you soon!" 


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