Loving the Unloved *Scattered Glass Series*

*NOTE* Please read the first book! *Once in a LifeTime* (Scattered Glass Series)
Me and Isabella are now happily together! Everything was fine until we meet her parents! That's when everything went wrong! They didn't like me! They were mean and we also meet her best guy friend Josh. There's one thing I didn't know about him! He had a crush on her too! He better not try to get her back! She's mine now! And I'm very protected of the people I love. We are also going on vacation to the most romantic place in the world for her birthday! She doesn't know where we're going. She will find out the very last minute!


13. "Moving On."

Isabella's POV

      It's been a day since I saw my parent's. I still can't believe that happen. I'm still shocked from it. I know this will hurt me for a while but I need to move on. I looked over to Joey who was eating on the other side of the couch. I haven't spoke one word since we got back. Joey came over to me and gave me a kiss and said "Good Afternoon babe." "Good Afternoon to you to." I said. "How are you?" "I'm ok." "I know this is kinda soon but how about tonight you and Kalel do something tonight together, and me and Anthony can go out and eat and watch the game." "Oh ok. That's fine. What time you leaving?" I asked. "In about an hour. So how about you get dressed and go talk to Kalel and see what she want's to do." "Oh ok." I got up and kissed Joey and put my dishes in the sink. I walked downstairs. I was getting dressed when Joey walked in. 

    I covered myself real quick and said "Joey you could have knocked first! I was getting dressed!" "It's not like I haven't seen you naked before." "But you haven't." I said. "Well now I have." "Get out!" "Ok ok!" Joey said backing out. I got dressed and curled my hair and put a bow in. I walked upstairs and found Kalel in the living room. "Hey Kalel!" "Hi Isabella! So what you want to do tonight?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" I asked. "I could invite Luke and Sawyer to go to the movies with us." "But wouldn't Anthony and Joey get mad at us?" "Get mad at us for what?" "For going out with different guys?" "No no. There just our guy friends. I know Anthony and Joey would be fine because they trust us." "Oh ok." Kalel got out her phone and dialed there numbers. They both said yes and we were going to meet them in a couple minutes! Joey came over to me and said "It's time for me to. I love you. Call me if you need me ok?"

     "Ok have fun!" They left and me and Kalel left and went to the movies. We saw Luke and Sawyer and they said "Hi guys!" "Hello!" "So which movie we seeing?" Sawyer asked. "We're seeing "The Haunting 2." Kalel said. "Oh ok! Let's go!" Luke said. We walked into the movies and got our seats. I was in the middle of Luke and Sawyer. The movie started and it was pretty scary. "I wish Joey was here." I said. "Me too!" Luke said. We laughed. The movie got more scary and I wasn't that scared but Sawyer jumped every time a jump scare came. "You ok Sawyer? You think you can make it through the movie?" "Yeah I'm fine, he jumped, I think." The movie ended and we said our goodbyes. We headed back home and walked in. We and Kalel decided to watch movies until the boys got home. We watched movies for another 2 hours when we heard a knock on the door. Kalel opened it.

     There standing there was Anthony holding Joey. I ran over and said "Is Joey ok?" "Yeah he just had a little to many drinks." I grabbed Joey from Anthony and lead him down to his room. I put him on the bed and said "Joey you ok?" "Yeah....I'm...fine. I have frisky." I  laughed and he grabbed me and said "Let's do it." "Do what?" I asked. "You know what I'm talking about." I said "No." and tried to walk away but he held me tight. "Please Isabella. I'll be gentle." "Joey your drunk." "No I'm fine. We've been together for a while now." "Joey I've never had sex before." "That's ok. Please." I looked down into Joey's eyes. I took a big breath and said "Ok." I got on the bed and he kissed me neck. He took off mine and his shirt, and the rest is history.


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