Loving the Unloved *Scattered Glass Series*

*NOTE* Please read the first book! *Once in a LifeTime* (Scattered Glass Series)
Me and Isabella are now happily together! Everything was fine until we meet her parents! That's when everything went wrong! They didn't like me! They were mean and we also meet her best guy friend Josh. There's one thing I didn't know about him! He had a crush on her too! He better not try to get her back! She's mine now! And I'm very protected of the people I love. We are also going on vacation to the most romantic place in the world for her birthday! She doesn't know where we're going. She will find out the very last minute!


14. "First Day!."

*1 Week Later*

Isabella's POV

     "Isabella I'm going to miss you so much!" I looked up at Joey and said "I'm going to miss you too! Don't worry. We'll see each other before you know it! Your web series is about to start and I have to focus on college. The time will go by fast!" "I hope so!" I kissed Joey and said "You better call me everyday!" "I promise I will!" Joey said. I let go of Joey and walked into the college in Paris. I went to the front desk and they said "Hello! Please sign in for me!" I signed my name and they said "Welcome Isabella! You room will be in building 11 room 9. Here's your class schedule and classes start tomorrow. And here's your campus map." "Thank you!" I said. I looked down at my map and saw that my building was right across the campus. Not to far. I walked outside and saw tons of people. I walked past everyone and into my building. It looked like a mixed of girls and boys. I walked to the third floor and entered the room with the number 11 on it.

      I walked in and saw a girl hanging up pictures! "Hi!" I said. "Hello! You must be Isabella! I'm Katie! Nice to meet you!" "Nice to meet you too!" I pulled my suit cases in and closed the door. I made my bed and up my laptop and some other stuff on my desk. I pulled out a picture of me and Joey and put it on side desk. Katie came over and said "Hey that's Joey Graceffa! Did you get to meet him?" "Umm. Yeah I did. Me and him are dating." "Oh your the Isabella that made that one video with him!" "Yeah." I said. "You guys are a cute couple! Sorry I have to go! I'll meet with you later!" "Oh ok!" She left and I got on my laptop. I went on twitter and went to Joey's account. He just put a tweet up. It said "Heading back home to finish the web series. Had to leave me baby girl in Paris. I'll miss you so much Isabella! I'll see you soon!" I smiled and replied to it and it said "I'll miss you to babe. Just promise you won't forget me!" 

      I closed the laptop and got up. What should I do next? God I miss Joey so much. I guess I'll go explore. I walked outside and saw a cafe not far from the building. I'll go there and get something to eat. I walked over and in and saw Katie with some other people. I walked over and said "Hey Katie." I saw that she was with 1 girl and 1 boy. "Hey Isabella!" "Who's that?" "This is Isabella. Isabella meet Brad and Ashley." "Hi!" I said. "This is the Isabella I was telling you about who is dating Joey Graceffa!" "Oh really?" Ashley said. "Nice! He makes good videos!" Brad said. "Yeah. I wouldn't think he would go for this type." I looked at Ashley and said "What you mean this type." "I mean the not beautiful girl's. I didn't think he went for ugly girls. But what do i know." I can't believe she just said that! "Why you calling me ugly? What did I ever do to you?" "Nothing. But Joey's mine and I'm obviously prettier." "Well he's taken so I guess your to late." I said. "Well see." I rolled my eyes and said "Bye Katie and Brad I have to go." 

     "Bye Isabella!" Katie and Brad said. I walked out and didn't know what to do. I haven't been here more then 20 minutes and I have already been called ugly. Great. I went back to my room and sat down. I looked out my window and saw these stands set up everywhere. I wonder what that is? I walked back outside and over to where everyone was. I saw that is was where you could sign up for club's. I looked around but didn't find anything intersecting. Then a saw a stand named "Lights camera action." I went over to it and it was a club for photographers! I walked up to it and signed my name on the sheet. A boy came over and said 'Hello!" "Hi!" I said. "So you like taking pictures?" "Yeah love it!" "Me too! I'm Zack by the way." I shook hands with him and said "My name'a Isabella!" "Nice to meet you!" "You too!" I said. "What kind of pictures do you like taking?" "Any really." "Are you new here?" "Yeah it's my first day. What about you?" "It's my second year here." "Nice. What building are you in?" I asked.

     "I'm in 11 and my room number is 10." "Wow we're right next to each other!" "Nice! We should hang out sometime!" "Sure!" I said. My phone rang and I said "Well I have to take this I'll see you around!" "Ok!" I opened my phone and said "Hello?" "Isabella!" "Hi Joey." "I miss you so much! I couldn't stand not talking to you!" "I miss you too!" I said. "How's the first day?" "Well my roommate's name is Katie and one of her friends called me ugly for dating you and I met a guy name Zack. I signed up for a photo club and he's in it." "Who the hell called you ugly?" "I don't know. Her name's Ashley." "She sounds like a slut. If I was there I would have punched her." I laughed and said "You should rest. You have a long flight home. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" "Ok Love you bunches!" "Love you too! Hope to see you soon!" 

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