Love at first click ?

This story is about 15 year old Destiny Malik and her 13 year old sister Jari Malik meeting the boyband project . They talk online because they both live hundreds of miles away from the boyband .But they find a way to meet up and make there love last.


1. New boyband ?

(Destinys pov) 

      My name is Destiny I'm 15 ,I have long wavy brunet hair. My eye color is a sweet hazel color that change all the time.i  love modeling, painting and best of all being a fan girl. It was a wet Stormy day in the sunshine state we call Florida. I had nothing to do, so I decided going on my iPhone. I checked my twitter, and fangirled about One Direction and Justin Bieber( things like that ). But then I decided on going on my Instagram. I was scrolling through the feed then this gorgeous boy caught my eye. His name was Brandon. The only reason why I saw him was because I went on the popular page , cause I got bored. He was really good looking. I checked his profile and saw that he was in a band called the Boyband project . I was curious and watched some of their YouTube videos. The group was actually really really good. I fell in love so quickly. Especially when I noticed a new face, his name was Zac. I thought to myself what am I doing I'm like cheating. I see one cute boy and off to the other ? But then again I love the rest of the band as well. Levi with his adorable goofy personality. Then Nick with his calm but cool self. Also Mathias, he's a bit older but he's handsome. Now Brandon is a cutie and the reason why I found out about bbp, to me he's shy and has a cute dorky personality. But Zac he's totally my type with dark brown eyes and dark hair color, to me his personality is like a bad boy in a way, very charming as well . I quickly followed all the boys. But as I noticed and kept on knowing more about them... Well I found out that they all live in California. I knew I had no chances on meeting them anytime soon because I live I Florida. Yehp wonderful, I finally find guys my age and they live hundreds of miles away..


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