We Can Fight This

As me and my brother come to high school as freshmans oh what am im kiding fresh meat read this story on see if we can surrvie wish me luck :)


2. I love my brother

Harry is wearing a mop on his head singing im a bannana. I just start to stare down crying all those people laughing at Harry making fun of him its just making me sick. As a big tuff jock wearing a school sweat shrit pins Harry against the wall i run up and I start to scream, " Put Harry down " crying thinking im such a good sister <3. He starts to punch me in the face as I wake I find myself in the nureses ofice. The nurse is reading the book 50 shades of gray i think I really cant see." Oh hello darling i tought you'ed never wake up". The nure was saying. In my head im tink OMG how long was i out did i really miss part of the first day of school as a freshman. I say," uh Miss nurse person where is my brother?" the Nurse says," Your father took him home I belive he is at the hosiptal he wanted me to call him when you woke up." I started crying I love my brother im thinking Harry is different he was born different he barely lived as a baby. I came out 34 minutes after harry beacouse he was like trying to kill me im not sure im not my mother. I starte to sceam," I want to go home!!! " The nurse already called my dad while i was sleeping saying i was starting to get up. I start saying, um miss nurse may i please have mirrror. Of corse dear, the the nure is saying I look in the mirror and start to cry but i hold in in as best as possible...

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