We Can Fight This

As me and my brother come to high school as freshmans oh what am im kiding fresh meat read this story on see if we can surrvie wish me luck :)


4. Hot or Not

Harry says, " Go on this wesite Blair's Blog, she was recording me be beaten and it got over 400 loves 7 dislikes she is a big bully " I look down at the ground and say, " Is there anything about me " Harry says, "There is a Hot or Not list I think your on." I bite my limb, " Harry can you hand me your lap top?  " Harry's says crying " sure " I start typinging in Blair's Blog and on the homepage its me and my brother. I'm almost 15 your still young you have your whole life ahead of you I start thinking. Then I start looking at the hot or not list, I see first name Harry I start to tear up but then I see my name on the not list, So i start to get up and hug Harry quickly and run to my room and slam the door is makes a big boom sound i start walking to my bed. I say, " Why me why Harry I wish i could just die Blair is on my Bitch list ug i can't handdle this " I start to fall asleep. I scrream, " Hot or not i'm totally not!!! " I wake up to the sound of Harry crying, and him saying " AJ, AJ, AJ! " I start getting up, I scream " what do you want? " Harry says, " Come here " I say, " I'm coming " I start walking to Harry's room. i sit down on his bed. I say, " What do you want Harry " He says crying, " I got emails saying I should die."...

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