We Can Fight This

As me and my brother come to high school as freshmans oh what am im kiding fresh meat read this story on see if we can surrvie wish me luck :)


3. Harry? are you ok

As I look in the mirror i see an ugly girl 6 black heads green braces a big black and blue eye :( I finally see why that girl called me a bitch My 2 front teeth where lose and i already lost them I start tinking if i was pretty, beautful, perfect, wonderful not a bitch. I wanna be tha girl that everyone is like dam she's pretty not ew what a bitch. I wanna be the poular girl that everyone loves like Blair but no im stupid AJ WTF i have a boys name is middle school everyone called me gay, I look at the time 6:00 what has been taking my father so long I did not just miss part o the day I missed the whole day, I keep on thinking on how ugly I am. My Dad says, "Boo" in a funny way. I say " not funny dad " My dad says," your no fun AJ " My dad says " come on lets go and check up on your brother " I started thinking happy things like my brother he is usually happy and he is sure something. My dad says, " where home  AJ " My house is kinda funny looking its neon red and neon blue bricks who's ficken house has neon bricks right oh whatever. I start to stand up and open the car door and im starting running to see my brother i start triping and falling on my face. I started hurting but i never cared the only thing i care dor is my brother <3. forever and always! I start running to my brothers room. I see him crying in bed. I say, " Harry are you ok " :(  Harry says, " NO CHAD TOLD THE WHOLE SCHOOL IM GAY :( IM NOT GAY " I say, " I know your not gay and who is Chad? " Harry says the guy that punched you in the face. " Me and Harry hug start to hug each other and cry Im 2 inchs smaller so when we go out out shopping people think we are dating. Harry says " I wanna go " I say, " Where Harry? " Harry says, Heaven :(

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