We Can Fight This

As me and my brother come to high school as freshmans oh what am im kiding fresh meat read this story on see if we can surrvie wish me luck :)


1. Fresh Meat

As i take a deep breath I know this could start off as an amazing place of make a fool out of myself. As I start to walk in my twin brother Harry says " Hey AJ " in the stangest way anyone could say it. "Hey Harry " I say in a low vocie so know on hears me but Harry. As I walk in a swear Harry is peeing I hold my books tight against my chest as i start breathing deep again just walking to my new locker. My glasses are foging so I take them off and the I put in into my locker. As I star walking to class I look down see the prettiest shoes ever pink sparkley high heals so i star to look up and I see a beautiful. With light blonde hair a I heart pink belly shirt and ripped jean shorts and chewing pink buble gum holding a skull purse. I say "Hi Im AJ" in a happy voice. Blair says, "What up bitch Im Blair but everyone call me beautiful Blair" in a sontty vocie. Blair says, " I have to get my class bye " sye says happy in a mean way. My class is only down the hall as i think to my self how this is not that bad then i see my brother...

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