Back For You (Harry Styles)

{BOOK 1- COMPLETE} Meet Amabel Walker, the girl who kept everyone else out, who put up walls to protect herself from another accident, like the one that caused her hideous scar on her neck. She’s bitter and doesn’t let anyone in, but that soon changes.

Now, meet Harry Styles. Worldwide boy band hottie. Slighly cocky, but charming and sweet when he needs to be. He’s caring, and wants to help Amabel get back to being her normal, carefree, silly and loving self. Can he get under her skin and make her come out of her dark shell?



2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I called my mother and reassured her only a million times before she was convinced I wasn’t dead. Unfortunately, she was at a doctor’s appointment and couldn’t pick me up. I would have called my dad, but he was upstate for a business trip. This day just kept getting better and better. 

I hunkered down and got comfortable, preparing to wait until my mom came to get me. I refused the rides home from the police officers. Don't ask me why. I bit my lip, searching for my library book. Reading the prologue, I slipped on my mittens, grateful I had them in my purse.

I was sitting in the passenger seat with my legs draped across the aisle, feet crossed in the driver's seat. My attention was averted when I heard someone rap on the window of the driver's side door. Grumbling to myself, I hauled over to the other seat and rolled the window down. I looked up and saw the curly haired boy, the one that trashed my car.

"What do you want?" I snapped angrily. I don't like him. He's annoying and cocky, I could tell.

"I want to introduce myself, is all?" He leaned his arms on the window frame, peering down at me in the car. "I'm Harry." He said, giving me a wink and a smile. I grimace and raise an eyebrow. Seriously? Trying to flirt with me?

"Let me stop you right there, 'Harry'." I used a mocking tone when speaking his name. "What makes you think I want to know you?" I snapped, but he ignored me.

"Listen, I apologize for your car, and laughing in your face. You...have a Spongebob band-aid on your forehead." Harry said slowly. I closed my eyes and ground my teeth together, ripping of the band-aid and flicking it at him.

"You know what? Apology not accepted. You should become a better driver. You could have killed me!" I shouted, eyes growing wide in frustration. I began to roll up the window, but Harry stuck his hand inside.

"Wait! Let me explain!" He protested. I sighed, and reluctantly rolled the window back down. I stared into his green orbs, and something about them made me unable to look away. They were beautiful.

Shit. What did I just think? I hate him, he is annoying and immature. But still...

I blinked and broke our gaze. I convinced myself that Harry was completely irrelevant, and I hated him, and everything about him. So, I put my chin in my hands and batted my eyelashes, pretending to care what he had to say. He was annoying, I'll give him that. I didn't enjoy talking to Harry, but I enjoyed looking at him.

"Oh please explain to me!" I gushed sarcastically. Harry didn't seem to notice.

"See, I wasn't paying attention, but it's because I was on the phone with my body guard and-" I burst out in a fit of laughter, cutting him off. He looked at me confused. It was almost cute the way his eyebrows came together. Almost.

"Your...body guard?" I said between laughs. He showed me his dimples in return.

"That's right." Harry shook his curls and brushed them away with his thumb. “His name is Paul.”

"Wow." I whispered to myself. Was that a move to impress me? That he was so important that he needed a body guard? Pathetic.

Is he that conceded? Boys had tried many pick up lines on me, but they never worked. I had never heard the “I have a body guard” line before. It made him seem so weak. It was strange considering he had such large muscles and broad shoulders. Not that I was staring.

But maybe I was.

I had never been the girl that had many boyfriends. I had one or two yes, but they weren’t necessarily…successful. A lot of boys said they wanted me, but I knew it wasn’t for more than sex. I was insecure, and I didn’t like to be close to many people besides my family.


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