Back For You (Harry Styles)

{BOOK 1- COMPLETE} Meet Amabel Walker, the girl who kept everyone else out, who put up walls to protect herself from another accident, like the one that caused her hideous scar on her neck. She’s bitter and doesn’t let anyone in, but that soon changes.

Now, meet Harry Styles. Worldwide boy band hottie. Slighly cocky, but charming and sweet when he needs to be. He’s caring, and wants to help Amabel get back to being her normal, carefree, silly and loving self. Can he get under her skin and make her come out of her dark shell?



19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

I blush. "Thanks, sweetie. You know, Harry and Eleanor and the boys are right over there, if you want to say hello." I pointed to the table where they sat. 

The girl looked at me wide-eyed when she saw them. "Really? Would that be okay? I don't want to intrude." 

I smiled. "It's no problem. What's your name?" I asked nicely, holding her hand. 

"Mya." She seemed so nervous. 

"Guys," I said when we approached the table, "this is Mya, and she is a big fan of One Direction." 

"Hello!" Liam waved. 

Mya smiled. "It's awesome to meet you guys." 

The boys signed autographs and took a picture with Mya, and it made me so happy. They made that girl's dreams come true. She was almost glowing. 

Then Mya threw her arms around me. "Thank you so much, Amabel, you're so awesome. I hope you and Harry are together forever!" 

I smiled. "Of course, Mya. It was wonderful to meet you." 

Mya waved to the boys. "Bye and thank you! Have a good day!" 

"Bye Mya!" They chorused. 

It had been an amazing day.


The next day, around ten in the morning, I was watching Pretty Little Liars when my phone rang. Can I just say, it's the best show on television? Anyway, I paused the show. 

"This had better be good, Sam! Aria and Ezra are fighting!" I whined to my best friend. 

"Oh my god! Don't tell me anything! I haven't seen the episode yet. Anyway, I just wanted to see if you wanted to go to lunch this afternoon." She said cheerily. 

"Sure. Pick me up in an hour?" I suggested. 

"See you soon!" 

I hung up and made my way upstairs. I missed Harry. He was working all day, starting with an interview then spending the afternoon in the studio. 

I dressed in black skinny jeans and a pink Hollister sweatshirt and pink Nikes. I had showered, so I put my hair into a bun, not having enough time to blow dry it. As I was slipping my phone into my pocket, the doorbell rang. 

"Hey Sam!" I screamed, bringing her into a hug. 

"It's been a while! What's new?" She playfully nudged my arm. 

"Well," I said, sticking my hands in my back pockets, "I'm sort someone." 

She looked at me wide eyed. "Seriously? Who?" 

"Don't freak out okay?" I warned, and she nodded. "It's Harry Styles." 

"WHAT?! HARRY FUCKING STYLES?! This is huge Amabel!" 

I laughed. Sam's a huge fan of One Direction. "I know, it's all over Twitter. I have almost a million followers, last time I checked." 

Sam whipped out her iPhone. "No shit." She said when she saw I was right.


We pulled into McDonald's, and a few people recognized me. A few took pictures, which annoyed me a bit. I knew that in less than an hour, they would we be exposed to the public, thanks to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Oh, technology. 

Sam adjusted her curly red hair hair. "You didn't say there would be cameras!" She nervously whispered. 

"I didn't know, I'm sorry." I whispered back, fixing my hair to hide the scar. I would die before there were pictures of it on the Internet. 

"If those bitches-" she started, but I laughed. 

"You're such a sass-master." I joked. 

Inside, we took a seat by window, looking at the parking lot. 

"So?" She asked casually, eating a French fry. 


"When will I get to meet One Direction?" Sam batted her eyelashes. 

I wiggled my eyebrows. "I'll ask Harry." I pulled out my phone and texted him.

Sometimes I worried about her. 

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