Back For You (Harry Styles)

{BOOK 1- COMPLETE} Meet Amabel Walker, the girl who kept everyone else out, who put up walls to protect herself from another accident, like the one that caused her hideous scar on her neck. She’s bitter and doesn’t let anyone in, but that soon changes.

Now, meet Harry Styles. Worldwide boy band hottie. Slighly cocky, but charming and sweet when he needs to be. He’s caring, and wants to help Amabel get back to being her normal, carefree, silly and loving self. Can he get under her skin and make her come out of her dark shell?



16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16 


The sudden noise made me jump. 

"Zayn, calm down, it's alright mate." Louis said sternly.  

I had told them what had happened with Liam, and some people weren't taking it very well. Before I could finish explaining, Danielle had left the room in silence. I felt terrible, but in that moment not for myself. Liam had jeopardized his relationship and frankly, I was surprised Danielle had believed me and not Liam. 

Now, Zayn was blowing up and throwing things and having a fit.  

"I can't BELIEVE him! What the hell is wrong with him? Who the fuck does he think he is?" Zayn shouted, throwing his hands up in the air. 

"Zayn-" Louis started. 

"No! When Liam has the balls to show his face to her -us- I'm gonna-" He stopped himself when Eleanor shot him a glare. 

I really liked Eleanor. She is completely gorgeous and understanding. I knew we would be great friends. But as for Danielle and I... 

Honestly, Zayn was scaring me too. I had never seen him this upset and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want Zayn hurting Liam, as much as I hated him then.  

Zayn and Louis started arguing, so Eleanor came over to me and gave me another hug. Niall was extremely upset and locked himself in a room upstairs and hadn't come down in a while. We were all taking this hard.  

"I need to talk to Harry." I said flatly.  


I missed him so much and I couldn't bear the thought of him hating me, like he probably did. Just the thought of existing in a world without him was painful. 

I turned to Louis and Zayn, who were still bickering. "Guys!" I said. They didn't hear me. "Guys!" I shouted and they finally shut up and looked at me. "Where can I find Harry? Do you have any idea where he could be?"  

The boys exchanged glances. "Try the clock tower in the town square." Louis stated. 

"No one is ever there, and Harry likes to go there to think. He won't let any of us go with him." Zayn added.  

"Thanks guys." I hugged them and then slipped on my boots and jacket, preparing to go out in the snow.  

The town was quiet, and I assumed everyone was inside to keep warm from the ten degree weather. There was no wind, and the sun was shining, so it made the air seem warmer than it actually was. The snow crunched underfoot and I pulled my jacket closer. In the car, I cranked up the heat to the maximum. I didn't like the cold. As I gripped the steering wheel, my knuckles turned white.  

The whole ride into town I could only hope and pray that Harry would be where Louis and Zayn said he would be, and that he would understand. 

The event that went down not too long ago filled my memory. The look on his face, when he opened the door...heart breaking. I swear, I could almost hear his heart shatter. I would never forgive myself for putting Harry through that kind of pain. 

Harry glued me together, metaphorically, of course. I found that I was happier around him, just in general. Before I met him, I was bitter and found the bad in everything. When I was with him, I looked at the world through his eyes. Even the mere thought of Harry made me want to sing. It was different somehow, even before I was scared, literally, I was never this happy.

I liked the person Harry made me, and I didn’t want to let that person go. 

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