Help Me *One Direction Fanfiction*

I am only could this happen to me? I am nerdy-straight 4.0 GPA, never smoked, never done drugs, never had a boyfriend, never had sex, never tasted alcohol, so why did he have to kidnap me? And how does One Direction fit into this mess?


1. ~Chapter 1~

One word to describe me? Hmm. It would probably be a tie between nerd and loser.




Two words to describe me? A nerdy loser.


I have never been kissed let alone have a boyfriend.


I have never been to a High school party.


I have never been near or had drugs.


Instead of going out to the mall or partying it up like its 3012,  I go home and do my homework.


I am living the boring life.


Enough of my sob story. At least I get a 4.0. I mean I have my life to have fun and party... right? 


Though sometimes I feel down because I am school-smart not street-smart.


However, looking back, I wished I had realized how lucky I was before I had lost it all.




The wind whipped my curly-frizzy hair into my face as I fumbled through my backpack for my house key.


I hate the winter time: it is so depressing and cold. It gets so dark so early and... I just don't like it.


"Dang it" I hissed as the key wouldn't turn in the lock.


It. is Freezing!


Finally it worked.


"M-O-M IM HOME!" I screeched as I trudged through the door.


The warm air hit my face as I stepped inside.


I sighed.


Nothing. I hate silence.


Wow, so far I have mentioned everything I hate.


Im not a downer type of person, I am actually very happy and cheerful, just not when I have been through a long  five days of school and have loads of homework to complete.


"Mom! HELL-O!" 


Dang it maybe she was running late.... she better not be late.


Who will make my dinner now?


I hummed a made up song to myself as I turned on the lights.


Weird I thought as I noticed as the TV was missing.


Hmm, maybe mom went to buy a new TV...? 


I rummaged  through the fridge when I heard something.


I am normally a very paranoid person so I dismissed the thought. 


It's probably just the wind.


Why couldn't I live in some place that is always warm and sunny? Like L.A?


Finally I found a pink apple.


I smiled.


I love fruits.


See, most people like chocolate. I, in the other hand, would die for a piece of fruit.


It is just so.... I don't know, amazing? Nerdy, I know.


As I was listening to the conversations in my head, there was a crash from the living room.


"SHIT!" All the voices in my head screamed.


Earthquake maybe? 


I checked to see if anything was swaying.




Dang it. 


Really forceful wind maybe? 


Then I heard footsteps.








"please don't be someone, please don't be someone" I mentally whispered as I froze in shock.


When I was little I used to watch crime shows. Like seriously, I watched them 24/7.


I racked up my brain to think of a game plan.


I reached over to get the kitchen phone when I realized it was gone.






Great. Now I need another plan.


My cellphone!


I took it out of my pocket to see it was dead.


Frick me.


There is a phone in my parents room... I just need to get there first. 


Oh, wait dumb person, why don't you escape the house?




But the only front door is the front.... and the living room is the front.


Game plan: carry a knife and run for my life.


Wait, would a five foot three, hundred and ten pound girl with  a knife  be intimidating a robber?


Oh gosh I hope so.


I grabbed the largest meat knife I could find and inched my way into the living room.


Crossing my fingers I prayed those sounds I heard  earlier were just my imagination playing tricks on me.


Nope. This was real.


Stupidly I gasped as I saw the back of a man covered in black.


Of course, like in all the movies I have seen, that little noise caught his attention.


He turned around and my heart almost fell out of my chest.


"There you are, sweetie, nice of you to join us" his raspy voice croaked.


"Please!" I squeaked as he smirked.


I put my arms out in a defensive position.




"Nu-uh love"


"PLEASE!" I cried as I inched backwards.






This really can't be happening, can't it?


Suddenly I hit a body behind me.


A cloth was placed over my mouth.


There were two of them?!


"Shhh...deep breaths..... calllllmm down..... breathe" the man cooed in my ear.


I was shaking like a leaf that was stuck in the windy wind.


Oh no. Oh no.




I kicked, scratched, clawed, and tried to bite as the man pinched my nose forcing me to breath out of my mouth.....


Dang him.


'oh gosh this is it' I thought as my muffled  screams and cries for help faded.


Soon enough I passed out in the arms of my kidnapper.







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