the lies (feturing one direction)

Desi and her twin Emma are living two different lives. (well of course they are two diff. people) Desi was living it up in California. Emma was put into many different foster homes. when they meet when Emma is relocated form her foster home in Kentucky to a foster home in California. they agree to find out why their real mother split them apart, and find out if she is still alive.


1. our differient lives.

(Desi's P.O.V)

I had always known I was adopted. I was adopted by the Plume family. the wife ended up pregnant 3 months after getting me so I had a younger sister too. I got this new family after being in foster care all my life. I had never known my birthmother. but I didn't care somebody who gave me up had to be a psychopath anyway because I'm awesome. im the most popular girl at my high school. well was. I just graguated it is now summer. but little do I know some harmless pranks I pulled in high school will haunt me forever.

(Emma's P.O.V)

I had always been in foster care. literally, but I can never stay in one place for long. all my foster parents seemed to end up leaving for job promotion where kids are not welcome, or other things. right now I'm in a plane on my way to California. I was adopted by a family there. I hope my life is better there but I will only be in that home for a few months till I turn 18 witch is in a few weeks actually I cant wait.

























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