the lies (feturing one direction)

Desi and her twin Emma are living two different lives. (well of course they are two diff. people) Desi was living it up in California. Emma was put into many different foster homes. when they meet when Emma is relocated form her foster home in Kentucky to a foster home in California. they agree to find out why their real mother split them apart, and find out if she is still alive.


6. Chapter 4

(Desi's P.O.V)

         I smiled as I pressed send on the message so it was sent to Facebook. The status I had posted would ruin Phil's reputation as a dateable guy. My message said. 'Phil Lester, is a no good jerk who shall never be dated by anyone till he dies and no one will even be at his funeral, and we all know my predictions come true just look at Savannah! ahhahaah That's what you get when you mess with my girl Abbey Frantz!' I knew people got the message cause it had 63 likes and 24 comments already. I smiled and laid down on my bed impressed with my work.

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