the lies (feturing one direction)

Desi and her twin Emma are living two different lives. (well of course they are two diff. people) Desi was living it up in California. Emma was put into many different foster homes. when they meet when Emma is relocated form her foster home in Kentucky to a foster home in California. they agree to find out why their real mother split them apart, and find out if she is still alive.


5. chapter 3

Desi's P.O.V

I walked up to my room passing "my sisters" room her door was closed tight and most likely locked. I walked into my zebra colored room. I laid on my purple covers. I looked at my phone and saw 2 messages one from Zayn  and one from my bff Abby. Zayn's was just asking why I didn't say goodbye after the show and that he loved me, but Abby's said


I responded really fast

Desdes: abby whats up?

Abbs: Phil broke up with me and I want to get back at him. help me please

that's what her respond said. I quickly look across the room at my laptop. I got on Facebook and typed in something that would ruin his life.


ha ha cliff hanger. sorry I haven't updated in a while I was busy. ok so maybe not.ok got to go love ya lovelies

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