the lies (feturing one direction)

Desi and her twin Emma are living two different lives. (well of course they are two diff. people) Desi was living it up in California. Emma was put into many different foster homes. when they meet when Emma is relocated form her foster home in Kentucky to a foster home in California. they agree to find out why their real mother split them apart, and find out if she is still alive.


3. Chapter 1

(Desi's P.O.V)

I was sitting in the crowed of my boyfriends show when I saw her. a girl that looked just like me. after the show I tried to get a better look at her. to no avail. great I might have a twin roaming the earth that I don't know about yay just my luck. you might say I have an amazing life being adopted by rich people, dating Zayn Malik from One Direction, and to top it all off a straight A student. I went home after the show not bothering to say bye to Zayn. I got in my car. (a Dodge Charger) i came up to my big Yellow house. i walked up the stone path to the dark green door. i turned around to look at my yard. a nice clean cut grassed yard with a few flower patches of roses, and tulips (my adoptive mom's favorite) I sighed. I grabbed my keys out of my bag and unlocked the door. as i walked into the living room i saw my "mom" sitting on the Blue couch in front of the fire place reading a book, and drinking a glass of wine. "hey mom." i said "hey sweetie how was the consert?" she asked looking up at me. "ummm pretty good." i said before heading towards the staircase. i turned around quickly "hey mom?'' "yeah sweetie?" "did the adoption center say anything about me having a sister?" i asked questioningly. "no not that i know of why?" she asked me giving me a weird look. ''oh no reason.'' i lied before running up the stairs.

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