Fight Night

Abigail has been involved with the wrong crowd. Will the fear of getting caught by the law stop her from heading down the wrong path? Or will she continue to Fight in underground matches and drown in riches from her skill of killing people one punch at a time.

1. About:


I'm Abigail, 17. My parents and I have recently moved from Washington to California a few months ago, I needed a fresh start, new beginnings and new people in my life.

Here's why we had to move: A few months after I turned 16 I got involved with the wrong crowd. I'm talking Drugs, Alcohol, and underground Fights.

How did I get involved with all of this you ask? I'm a fighter. MMA fighter to be more specific.  Boxing was always my dream sport and my parents signed me up at a local gym at the age of 10, after years of me begging for it, after a year or so at that gym the owners had to ban me, I was too violent towards all the other kids.. From starting fights in the locker rooms to non-stop beating after the ref called time. I couldn't control myself, but I was even worse out of the ring. 

My parents decided to keep me involved in the sport to release all my anger. But I needed better coaching, not just these amateur locals that only worked with you for an hour a day and expected bucket loads of money for mediocre results. No, I had to call in the professionals. So I did. At the age of 14 I was a trained killer, thanks to the countless hours spent with the toughest coaches from the surrounding states.

Back to the reason on why we had to move:

During one of the biggest fight nights of the year, someone snitched. Police sirens were blaring from every possible direction. Practically everyone was busted. Except for the ones smart enough to hide somewhere quickly. Luckily, I was small enough to wrap up into a fetal position and hide in one of the crates that were placed all around the warehouse. I was terrified that I would get caught. I waited 6 hours hiding in that crate until I knew that it was clear to get out. It felt like I was hiding for ages. After I got out of that warehouse I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't participate in illegal fights anymore. I've gotten close to getting caught but never that close. 

One month after that whole incident I told my parents what had happened that night and after them getting really angry, they agreed that I needed a fresh start somewhere new. 

Oh, and did I mention that I'm basically grounded till I die? Yeah.

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