A meeting of powers

A comic illustrator whose drawings alter the future is on the run from governments that want him as a weapon, and he needs an ally, a writer who can aide him in his quest for world peace.

Entry for the "A Hidden Power" competition


1. First letter

Dear J—,

I always liked comics. Loved them, you could say, I loved how images and words came together to form a unique storytelling form. I read everything out there, from the old classic dotted comics, to things I read to young to understand, like Maus, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, all of them. I have entire dialogue balloons in my head, entire frames, I remember many of them completely. I can tell you all the different Batman plotlines that occurred. 

It was not as great as it sounds, because, who considers comics to be art? My teachers at grade school wouldn't let me review them. My parents, even thought they always had the money, refused to buy them for me, instead handing me old classics (I  can't stand prose, nor movies, it has to be a combinatin of both) that have collected dust ever since, and my peers eventually outgrew them, leaving me on my own to buy them. I devoured them, enjoying every single detail on the page, from those large shots that bleed into the edge of the page, to the serifs in the fonts. How I miss those days when I could enjoy them without suffering the great pain I do now!

You know who I am. I'm all over the news, as I've beem for the past couple of years, all the world's governments want me as their ally, but I keep myself hidden, and I can only pray that I am never caught: for as one of the greatest comic quotes of all time says: With great power, comes great responsability. I know that the governments that chase me lack that responsability. I'm not claiming to be the zenith of humanity, but I am humble enough to accept my faults. That my friend, is where you come in. You are one of the finest living writers. What? Don't you think so? Just because you've never been published doesn't mean that you aren't good enough. In fact, your not getting published is kind of my fault. Please don't get angry, you know of my powers, and I have to admit that I've used them to make publishers reject you. I'm so sorry. Your novels are amazing, and beautiful, among the few prose works I can read without having my eyes start to cry from the effort. I know everything about you personal life, I "hired" a PI to follow you around and collect information. It's been hard, to see those novels rejected, to see you get kicked out of your house and denied help from your parents because you chose to be a writer instead of a doctor, to see colleges reject you, because they're afraid of your radical views. It's horrible. 

I here offer you an escape to that life that you are living right now. I will take you to my hideout, can't say where, just leave a note in your mailbox tomorrow morning, I'll have my PI get it for me. I hope that we make a great team.

Best regards, Dave Steranko.


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