The other half

After discovering that he has no soulmate Nat bestows a journey in which he must find love at all costs possible.


1. Discovering the truth.

My eyes squinted against the sun which shone brightly above my head. The river which I sat next to gave off a soothing sound inaudible against the volume of my earphones. I sat with my knees clutched to my chest in a position that hurt, but yet felt comfortable. Maybe I like pain I thought to myself. 

The River was bordered by an army of small pebbles which littered the ground very well. I felt tiny pebbles underneath me as I sat in such an awkward state. They poked at me inflicting sharp pains at even the slightest movement. But the music pounding in my ears hid the pain I felt. The screams from my bands vocalist sent a wave if frisson over my body, but yet I remained motionless next to the river. I allowed the heavy guitar to flow through my veins, the pounding drums to travel to my heart, the bass through my head, and the vocals through my lungs. 

Then I froze. Or rather, my insides did.

The song had changed. And for much worse. My chill inducing music had been replaced with that of mindless conformity. That which was made to only produce money. The group that had no intention of performing together, but was eventually horded like animals to preform with music and lyrics prewritten in order to please the minds of the general female audience.

One Direction.

Needless to say my music player now lay at the bottom of the river serving only as a decor to those who may live near those depths. 


I lay on my bed, my room surrounding me in its emptiness. Besides the white walls, and white bed and blankets my room was empty. It was a canvas ready to be painted, but I've never wated to. The room surrounded me as I was fiddling with my strange keepsake that has been on my mind more than it should. The strange object was a small golden figure that I hung off the end of a string around my neck. It was the shape of a gear with a six pointed star inside. But that was the problem. What was supposed to match with my keepsake? It already looked complete. I had asked everyone I've known since I first questioned it and I would always receive the same answer "You'll see the other half one day". Yet, I still felt that I wouldn't. I've always felt I've wouldn't. But lately it's been eating me alive. Thus was the reason I decided to talk to the lady on the edge of the city. 

See, no one likes "the lady". Not does anyone know her name. They just choose to shun her because of a rumor no one has yet to prove about her murdering her son because she had gone psycho. But, other rumors have also spread. Such as her everlasting wisdom. Which is why I am traveling through the frightful ghettos just to meet her.

Growing up in the heart if the city I learned that everyone generally keeps to themselves because of the massive amount of population. Which is why I felt my heartbeat steadily accelerate to an ear throbbing pounding while I ran through the ghettos, because i have never been exposed to something as foreign as this before. Unfortunately I was so scared I failed to realize the incoming truck from behind me which pulled me off the ground and into the back of the truck.

i opened my eyes after being pulled up and found myself face to face with the biggest, strongest, most scariest looking man I'd ever seen. 

"Hey Kid" he said to me with a smile.

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