The Stylist's Daughter

Rosie Teasdale, 17 years old. Her mother, Louise Teasdale, is always gone for work,bc shes a PRO stylist. That leaves Rosie all by herself because her dad died a while back. She is hardly ever seen without her best friend, Jamison. What happens when one of his old friends, Louis Tommo' comes back to town with his 4 bandmates? When they leave, will it be the last of them seeing Rosie? Twisted events happen when her mom gets sick, and Rosie has to step up to her job. youll have to read. (;

Kourtney xxx


2. robbers? (:

As i pulled into the familiar driveway of J’s house i noticed that his mom and dad’s cars weren’t there. but there were 3 trucks instead, that i didn’t recognize at allllll. hmmm i wonder what’s up, they are always here... like every single fucking day. oh well i guess. i locked my car and walked up to the front door, pulling it open and as i was walking in i yelled “HONEY IM HOMEEE”  I heard someone moving in the kitchen and a few people talking. they were definitly not people i knew, they were attractive so they must be from out of town or something... the 5 people sitting in the kitchen all stared at me with wierd looks on their faces, me returning the same look. umm if you dont mind me asking, who the fuck are you?? i asked getting worried that i just walked into a burglary or something. but then yet again i dont think 5 robbers are just going to sit at the table, munching on cheetos, but hey i never know these days... just before they replied, jamison walked in from the bathroom. ummm J, who are these people? i asked curiosity still obviously present in my voice. “oh okay well Louis here used to go to our school, and these are his friends, liam, harry, zayn and niall. They are in a band called One Direction, J replied. oh umm okay well my name is rosie. and its nice to meet all of you. but i wish you would have told me that you had friends over, i wouldn’t have bothered you, i would have went and bothered that security guy at the mall that knows me by my name and that thinks im “frustrating and sassy” i told J, putting the air quotes around frustrating and sassy with my two fingers. The one named Louis just laughed and said, “impossible, nobody is sassier than the SASS MASTER.” i laughed at his sudden outburst and said : oh well you definitly dont know me then because i am the sassiest of all the sassy people in the whole entire world! i said snapping my fingers at the end of my sentence. he looked at me with supposed to be sad looking eyes and he put his head down and started to “cry”. haha please that is the worst fake cry i have ever heard. in my life, i said in my head. See i told you, you just couldn’t handle the sass. i said with sarcasm obvious in my voice. he stood up suddelny and said (more like half screamed) “I like you, your not like most girls, most of them would have been like Oh my gawd im so sorry! but your just like SUCK IT UP MAN, GET A GRIP! i like that.” he finish. i was about to say something back but the curly headed one interupted saying “dear lord help us all there are 2 sassy people in the room” we  all laughed at his comment. “well i don’t mind if you stay but they are staying here a few days so your room is being occupied at the moment. but your clothes are still here and stuff. they are in hallway closet 2nd box up.” J said quickly. okay i said indifferantly. “okay please dont take this the wrong way im just curious, but are you two like dating or siblings or whats going on?” Liam asked. I was quick to reply, “oh no we’re just really good friends, like family friends. im over here almost every day thats why i have a room and everything. i just keep a few clothes, and swim suit over here just in case.”i replied.  they all nodded in response. “we should go swimming!!” the one with the blonde hair named niall said. “ im up for it said J earning nods from everybody else. “yeah sounds fun!” i said with exitement in my voice. “LETS DO THIS POO!!” zayn yelled sending everybody running upstairs, execpt me ovcorse bc i had to get my stuff out of a box. in a closet. ew. i ran to the closet and dug around in the box that held my belongings in, until i gripped a white bikini that was folded in half at the bottom of the box. i pulled it out admiring the nice twisted middle of the top part. its still my favorite bikini that i have ever bought. i walked to the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and slipping on the bikini. i grabbed a towel and walked out to the pool just barely overhearing a conversation between the 5 boys and J. “ stare when sh-” all of their heads snapped in my direction when they heard the door close behind me. i gave a scared face and asked innocintly, “what?” i could feel their eyes on me, causing me to blush a light shade of pink. i walked to a long chair and sat down all 6 of them following me to the other set of chairs. i sat down on my chair and grabbed  my  tanning lotion from beside me and started to rub it on my legs slowly, feeling the warm tingle coming from it. i poured a little more in my hands and laid down and slowly rubbed it on my stomach. obviously i couldn’t get my back so i walked over to jamison and he already knew what to do so i just handed him the bottle and turned around and let him rub the lotion on my back. for some reason i felt more eyes on me besides jamisons. i turned around and saw louis looking at jamison with wide eyes as he rubbed lotion on my lower back. he never even saw me turn around to look at him, so i just turned back around supressing my giggles. when i felt jamison stop i turned around and grabbed the bottle from him and told him that i was staying out of the pool for a bit so i could tan. he just laughed at me  and whispered in my ear, you saw them checking you out didn’t you, thats why you were laughing, dont think i didnt see you he said poking me in my stomach playfully. i laughed at him answering his question. i walked back over to my chair and avoided all gazes and sat down putting on my headphones listining and started singing


falling for you by colbie caillat

~ i don’t know but i think i may be falling for you dropping so quickly, maybe i should keep this to myself wait until i know you better i am trying not to tell you but i want to just scared of what you'll say so i'm hiding what i'm feeling but i'm tired of holding this inside my head~ i've been spending all my time just thinking bout ya i don't know what to do i think i'm falling for you ive been waiting all my life and now i found ya i don't know what to do i think i'm falling for you, falling for youuuu ~ as i'm standing here and you hold my hand pull me towards you as we start to dance all around us i see nobody, here in silence  its just you and me i'm trying not to tell you but i want to i'm just scared of what you'll say so i'm hiding what i'm feeling but i'm tired of holding this inside my head, ive been spending all my time just think'in bout ya, i don't know what to do i think i'm falling for u ive been waiting all my life and now i found ya i don't know what to do i think i'm falling for you falling for youuu oh i just cant take it, my heart is racing the emotions keep spilling out ive been spending all my time just thinking bout ya i don't know what to do i think i'm falling for you ive been waiting all my life and now i found ya i cant stop thinking bout it i want u all around me and now i just cant hide it i think i'm  falling for u oh i'm falling for you.






I decided that i needed to take a dip in the pool because i could actually feel my skin burning from the sun. I took off my headphones and my sunglasses to see everyone in the pool staring at me with shocked faces, well everyone besides J. He had a smirk plastered across his face just kinda overlooking everyone staring at me. " Umm did i miss something? is there something on me? i asked actually getting nervous and self conscious now. They just returned my question by still staring at me, some of their mouths hanging open. Until finally Liam Spoke up.   "Rosie.....



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