The Stylist's Daughter

Rosie Teasdale, 17 years old. Her mother, Louise Teasdale, is always gone for work,bc shes a PRO stylist. That leaves Rosie all by herself because her dad died a while back. She is hardly ever seen without her best friend, Jamison. What happens when one of his old friends, Louis Tommo' comes back to town with his 4 bandmates? When they leave, will it be the last of them seeing Rosie? Twisted events happen when her mom gets sick, and Rosie has to step up to her job. youll have to read. (;

Kourtney xxx


1. another monday

great. another Monday. I hate Monday's, It seems like everything bad or inconvenient happens on Monday's. I am willing to make this one okay i guess... I walked out of my room and ran downstairs to ask my mom when she had to leave again for work. My mom is Louise. Yes, Louise Teasdale, the Stylist, and i am her 17 year old daughter, Rosie Teasdale. My mom is always gone for long amounts of time because she has to go on tour with all of these famous bands and singers and stuff, because she's a Stylist, or you could say a "fashion maniac." I have to admit, i would love to do her job, its really interesting.... but i'm always told i have to stay home because she wants me to have a normal home life, you know with real friends and such.          

I walked into the living room because my mom didn't answer my question, like always. She only had her pointer finger pressed up to her lips motioning me to be quiet, because she was on the phone. i turned on the TV and plopped myself down on the couch, checking to see if there was anything interesting on. As i was flipping through the channels, i noticed a band that my mom had styled before, and just laughed because she should have just stayed with them because they looked rough, and not in a good way... I turned off the TV because i heard my mom get off the phone and call my name. I walked in the room where my mom was sitting at her desk, ordering clothes and hairspray and stuff. I waited till she looked at me so i could ask my question. Finally after a good long 5 minutes, she caught on and looked at me after i let out a loud, dramatic sigh. What is it hun, what do you need that is so important that you had to bug me about?? she said sounding irritated. Oh i was just going to ask when you had to leave for work again... and what you had planned for today. i said eagerly. "oh hang on let me check my calender.... okay it says i leave March 1rst, and i wont be back until July 13th." she said flatly with no emotion in her voice. "Well that's always lovely, my mother is going to miss my birthday for the 4th year in a fucking row!" i said getting irritated. "Oh i know hun i jus-" she started to say but i cut her off before she could finish. "What about my second question, what are we doing today? i asked not looking at her. "Umm well i have to finish putting my order in for work and then i have to go to the office" she replied. "Well then can i go to Jamison's house then? We will most likely do something in town so i need money i said, already knowing the answer was yes. "yeah whatever just dont get pregnant or yeah. and here, she said digging around in her purse, and handed me 5-20's. nice i had a hundred bucks to spend. Well me and my best best best best guy friend, Jamison, should have fun with this... I laughed at all the possible things we could end up doing, getting ourselves into trouble. Oh dear lord help us all.... i told my mom thanks and ran upstairs to call Jamison, and to get changed out of my PJ's.  It was only 8' O'clock so we had plenty of time to do stuff on our day of from school. Me and Jamison go to a private school, called BCA. which we gladly have ALL Mondays off. which is nice, really nice. i think the school knows that everybody is dysfunctional on Mondays, so that's probably why we don't have it in the first place.

i hopped on my bed, pressing the call button under J’s name, then putting it on speaker. i walked over to my dresser, and pulled out a pink shirt and some black NIKE shorts, with my white converse. i slipped my clothes on when i heard j’s voice through my phone. “hello?” hey J, what art thou doing on thy fine Monday morning? i said in my proper voice, trying not to laugh.  “ nothing so why doesn't thy Rosie come to sir Jamison’s castle?” he said mocking my proper voice, earning a laugh from me.   Be there in 10! i said through my laughs, as he just said Kay! and hung up. i threw my phone down on my bed and went to the mirror to decide what to do with my long brown curls. ah what the heck ill just leave them down. i brushed to the curls and put on my usual amount of makeup which consisted of waterproof mascara and some eyeliner on the top. i looked in the mirror and laughed out loud because my moms a stylist so you would think i would dress better than some shorts, a shirt and some white, low top converse. well i can dress nice, but why would i do that if i'm only going to see my best friend, and walk around town? like i don't see the point unless your trying to impress somebody, and i am not so i ain't.  but that would mean i have to face my moms nagging about dressing better, blah blah blah, whatever. i crept downstairs and to the front door with my keys, phone and money, trying really hard to avoid the dressing better speech. i made it to the front door without her seeing or hearing me but shes not in her same spot when i left upstairs so i hope she doesn- “trying to avoid my talk about dressing better aye?” i swear i almost jumped out of my own skin. seriously. “hahaha yeah about that... gotta go~” i said closing the door really fast and slipping out to my BMW. i was of to Jamison’s house.    



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