Nothing is What it Seems (Book 1)

What if Stiles had a cousin? What if she knew about werewolves? Zaira Trinity was just your average girl except she knew about the supernatural. Read as she goes through life and in the end decides whether or not she wants to follow in her family's footsteps or if she will stand up and fight for the people she loves.
I don't own Teen Wolf, just Zaira, Alexa, Callie, and any other OC that might show up.


11. Wolf's Bane

“I know this is probably a stupid question, but why are you driving Derek’s car?” I asked as I looked at Scott.

“It’s a long story, but Derek is going after the Alpha, and we’re driving his car to keep the hunters busy.” Scott replied as he pressed on the gas pedal.

I looked behind us and noticed that a Tahoe was following us, and I guessed that either Kate or Chris was driving, but it was most likely Kate because when we sped up, so did the Tahoe.

“That bitch needs to get a life.” I mumbled to myself as I turned back around.

Stiles glanced back at me, but said nothing. They had no idea what she put me through. I didn’t tell Alexa the whole story and I don’t think that Derek knows either. You see, Kate knew that Derek had a best friend and did everything she could to tear our friendship apart, which worked by the way, till she killed his family. She hated the fact that when it came down to it, Derek would choose me over her, and she knew he would, so she made up lies, and he believed them. The only one who knew what was going on was Laura.

I shook my head and noticed that we were heading into the ironworks. I held on for dear life, and watched as Stiles jumped in the backseat with me, and Scott threw open the door, so Derek could get in. Derek dove into the car and Scott sped off as shots hit the car from Chris shooting at us.

“What part of laying low don’t you understand?!” Scott yelled at Derek as he drove off.

“Damn it! I had him!” Derek yelled as he hit the dashboard.

“Who, the Alpha?” Stiles asked.

“Yes! He was right in front of me and the freaking police showed up.” Derek said angrily.

I felt bad for him because he’s being blamed for something he didn’t do, and he’s being hunted by the Argent’s. This can’t get any worse.

“Oh, hey, they’re just doing their jobs…” Stiles said as Derek gave him a look.

“Yeah, thanks to someone who decided to make me the most wanted fugitive in the entire state.” Derek said as he looked over at Scott.

“Can we seriously get past that? I made a dumbass mistake. I get it.” Scott argued back.

Before I could say anything, Stiles said, “All right. How did you find him?”

Derek kept his mouth shut and turned his head to look at the window.   

“Can you try to trust us for at least half a second?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, both of us. Or just him. I’ll be back here.” Stiles said as he shrank back into the backseat.

I giggled and Stiles gave me a look. I smiled innocently and listened to what Derek was telling Scott.

“Look, the last time I talked to my sister, she was close to figuring something out. She found two things. The first was a guy named Harris.” Derek started before Stiles interrupted him by asking, “Our chemistry teacher?”

“Why him?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know yet.” Derek replied.

“What’s the second?” Scott asked.

“Some kind of symbol.” Derek said as he pulled out a piece of paper with some type of picture on it.

Scott groaned and I covered my mouth in shock.

“What? You know what this is?” Derek asked Scott.

“I’ve seen it on a necklace. Allison’s necklace.” Scott replied as he shifted gears.

Scott dropped me off at home. I waved good-bye and headed inside.

I walked upstairs quietly, and went to bed. I didn’t even get a few hours of sleep before Callie came to wake me up.

I got up, showered, and got dressed. I grabbed my messenger bag and my leather jacket, and headed out to my car with Callie.

“You ok girl?” Callie asked as I drove us to school.

“Yeah. I didn’t sleep too well.” I replied.

Callie didn’t get to reply back because we pulled up to the school.

We walked into the school, grabbed our books, and headed to class.

After class, I noticed Jackson talking to Scott and I knew that it couldn’t be good. I walked over to them just as Jackson left.

“What did he want?” I asked as I stood next to Scott.

“He knows.” was all Scott said before he went to go find Stiles.

“OMG! If Jackson knows, then this could end badly.” I mumbled as I headed to my locker.

After class I walked to my locker, grabbed my bad, and headed to the lunch room. When I got there, everyone was looking at Scott, and I figured out why because I saw Jackson standing in a corner smirking.

 “Jackson got under Scott’s skin.” Callie said as she walked up to me.

“Don’t listen to him Scott. He’s just jealous.” I said as I hugged Scott from behind.

Scott relaxed a little and squeezed my arm to let me know that he was ok, and I left to go finish school so I could go home.

After school, Stiles grabbed me and told me that he needed me for something, so I gave my keys to Callie and told her that I would see her at the game.

When we entered Stiles’ room, I crashed on the bed and noticed Derek before he did.

“Hey Stiles!” Sheriff Stilinsky yelled.

“Yo… D-Derek. I, um…” Stiles stuttered as he ran to his door, and blocked it, so his dad couldn’t see inside.

“What’d you say?” Sheriff Stilinsky asked.

“What? I said “Yo, Dad.”” Stiles replied.

“Listen, I’ve got something I’ve got to take care of, but I’m going to be there tonight. I mean, your first game.” Sheriff Stilinsky said.

“My first game. Gosh, great. Awesome. Uh, good.” Stiles said.

“I’m very happy for you. And I’m really proud of you.” Sheriff Stilinsky said.

“Thanks. Me, too. I’m happy and proud of myself.” Stiles said.

“So they’re really gonna let you play, right?” Sheriff Stilinsky asked.

“Yeah, Dad. I’m first line. Believe that?” Stiles said.

“I’m very proud.” Sheriff Stilinsky said.

“Oh, me too. Again, I’m… Oh.” Stiles said before his dad hugged him.

“See you later. Bye Zaira.” Sheriff Stilinsky said as he walked away.

“Take it easy.” Stiles said.

“Bye Mr. Stilinsky.” I replied before Stiles walked into his room, only to be slammed into it by Derek.

“If you say one word…” Derek started before Stiles interrupted him.

“Oh, what, you mean, like, “Hey, Dad, Derek Hale’s in my room. Bring your gun”? Yeah, that’s right. If I’m harboring your fugitive ass, it’s my house, my rules, buddy.” Stiles said while popping his hand on Derek’s jacket.

 I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing when I saw Derek’s expression, but couldn’t keep myself from laughing when Derek jumped at Stiles and he scurried off.

“Scott didn’t get the necklace?” Derek asked.

“No. He’s still working on it. But there’s something else we can try.” Stiles said back.

Derek shrugged his shoulders and Stiles went on.

“The night we were trapped in the school, Scott sent a text to Allison asking her to meet him there.” Stiles said.

“So?” Derek asked.

“So it wasn’t Scott.” Stiles said.

“Well, can you find out who sent it?” Derek asked.

“No, not me. But I think I know somebody who can.” Stiles said before he turned around and faced his computer.

I decided to listen to my IPod and work on my school work. That didn’t last long because Derek sat in the chair next to bed.

“You ok?” I asked as I looked over to him.

“Peachy.” Derek replied bluntly.

“Funny, but after this you’ll change your tone.” I said back with a smirk.

Derek smirked back, and shocked me when he grabbed my hand.

I squeezed his hand and pulled away as the door opened to reveal my friend, Danny. I love that boy. He may be gay and all, but he knows how to make you smile, even on your bad days.

I couldn’t help but notice the looks that Danny was giving Derek and I tried my hardest not to giggle.

Stiles made my day when he told Derek, or as Danny now knows him as Miguel, to change into one of his shirts. Derek looked like he was about to kill Stiles, but took his shirt off anyway. I tried so hard not to melt at the sight.

“Stiles?” Derek asked.

“Yes?” Stiles asked back.

“This… No fit.” Derek said as he pulled at Stiles’ shirt to prove his point.

“Then try something else on.” Stiles answered back as he turned back around to face Danny.

“Sorry. Hey, that one looks pretty good, huh? What do you think Danny?” Stiles asked as he popped Danny’s arm.

“Huh?” Danny asked kind of stunned.

“The shirt.” Stiles answered.

Danny sighed before answering, “It’s… It’s not really his color.”

“You swing for a different team, but you still play ball, don’t you, Danny Boy?” Stiles asked.

“You’re a horrible person.” Danny said back.

“I know. It keeps me awake at night. Anyway, about that text. ” Stiles said.

“Stiles! None of these fit.” Derek yelled.

“I’ll need the ISP, the phone number, and the exact time of the text.” Danny said before going back to Stiles’ computer and typing away.

After a couple of minutes, Derek finally got a shirt a fits and put it on. I was happy about that because I felt really uncomfortable with Danny staring at my man. I know, I’m probably sounding cruel, but hey, Derek is my man, well sort of. Anyways, I was pulled out of my thoughts when Danny sighed.

“There. This text was sent from a computer. This one.” Danny said as we all gathered around the computer.

“Registered to that account name?” Derek asked.

“No, no, no, no. That can’t be right.” Stiles said as we all looked at the account name that read, Melissa McCall.

I was shocked when I saw her name, and knew that something wasn’t right. I guess Derek felt me tense up because he reached down, grabbed my hand, and gave it a light squeeze. I squeezed back to let him know that I was ok, but I was still confused.

Stiles, Derek, and I left to go to the hospital to figure out who sent that text from Mrs. McCall’s computer.

Stiles was talking to Scott on the phone, and I couldn’t help but laugh when Derek grabbed Stiles’ arm. I just stayed quiet and texted Callie to let her know where I was, and to keep me posted about the game, and to keep an eye on Scott and Jackson. She said she would and to be careful. I’m glad she transferred here because I don’t where I would be if she wasn’t here.

I almost fell out in the floor when Derek slammed Stiles’ headed into the steering wheel. I got out with Stiles and couldn’t help the smile that was on my face.

“Shut up.” Stiles said as we headed inside.

“You deserved it.” I said back.

We walked around and couldn’t find anyone, so Stiles called Derek.

“Yeah, I said I can’t find her.” Stiles said.

“Look, ask for Jennifer. She’s been looking after my uncle.” Derek said back.

When we looked inside Peter’s room, we saw that he wasn’t there.

“Yeah, well, he’s not here either.” Stiles said.

“What?” Derek asked.

“He’s not here. He’s gone, Derek.” Stiles said.

“Stiles, you and Zaira get out of there right now. It’s him! He’s the Alpha Get out!” Derek yelled as Stiles put his phone down.

We stepped out of the room only to be greeted by Peter Hale himself.

“You must be Stiles, and hello Zaira.” Peter said as he looked at us with a slight grin.

Stiles grabbed my hand and when we turned to walk away, Peter’s nurse, Jennifer, came up to us and blocked our path.

“What are you doing here? Visiting hours are over.” Jennifer said as she looked between Stiles and I.

“You… And him. You’re the one who… Oh, my… And he’s… Oh, my God, I’m gonna die. We’re gonna die.” Stiles said as he put me close to him and the wall.

Before we knew it, Derek came out of nowhere and elbowed Jennifer in her nose.

“That’s not nice. She’s my nurse.” Peter said looking at Derek.

“She’s a psychotic bitch helping you kill people. Get out of the way.” Derek said talking to me and Stiles.

“Oh damn.” Stiles said before he got on the ground and pulled me with him.

“You think I killed Laura on purpose. One of my own family?” Peter said before Derek growled and attacked him.

Stiles pulled me behind a nurse’s desk and we just stayed there till the coast was clear. I was trying to hide my fear, but I guess I didn’t do too good of a job because Stiles whispered, “It’ll be ok Zaira. He’ll be ok.”

I nodded my head in understanding and covered my ears because I didn’t want to hear what Peter was saying about Laura. Tears threatened to spill over the more he talked about her. I shook my head and told myself that I would be strong and not let anything get to me at the moment. I covered my mouth to keep myself from screaming when I saw Derek get thrown through a glass window.

Derek glanced my way for a quick second before he crawled away. Peter followed him, and I have no idea what was said between the two of them because Stiles grabbed me, dragged me to his jeep, and drove off.

“Be careful Derek. Please come home in one piece.” I whispered as Stiles sped out of the parking lot.

Zaira's outfit for school:

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