Nothing is What it Seems (Book 1)

What if Stiles had a cousin? What if she knew about werewolves? Zaira Trinity was just your average girl except she knew about the supernatural. Read as she goes through life and in the end decides whether or not she wants to follow in her family's footsteps or if she will stand up and fight for the people she loves.
I don't own Teen Wolf, just Zaira, Alexa, Callie, and any other OC that might show up.


12. Co-Captain

Stiles kept driving till we reached the school. We both got out and headed inside the school.

“Do you think Peter got to him?” Stiles asked as we ran to the locker room.

“I don’t know Stiles, but I hope not.” I replied as we got closer to the locker room.

Luckily for us that Derek and Peter were already gone by the time we got there.

“Dude, we have a huge problem.” Stiles said as we ran inside the locker room.

“Trust me… I know.” Scott replied back.

After Scott got dressed, Stiles took us home.

“You sure you’ll be ok here by yourself?” Scott asked as I got out.

“Yes Scott, I’m sure.” I replied as I shooed them off before they decided to stay.

I watched as Stiles drove off before I headed inside. I went into my room and almost screamed when I saw Derek and Peter standing in the middle of my room.

“What the hell? Are you trying to scare me to death?” I asked as I tried to calm my breathing.

They didn’t say a word, but I knew what Peter did to Scott, so I watched their every move.

“It’s good to see you too, Zaira. You look so much like your mother.” Peter said as he smiled at me.

I didn’t reply back because honestly, I didn’t know what to say. I glanced over at Derek and noticed that he wouldn’t even look at me.

“So… Are you here to kill me or what?” I asked as I looked at Peter.

Peter chuckled before replying, “I’m not here to kill you sweetheart. I’m here just to talk. We have a lot of catching up to do.”

I gave Peter a wary look before agreeing and sitting on my bed.

We talked for a while before Peter said that he and Derek had to go. I agreed and acted like a good host, and walked them to the door, even though they used my window to get in.

“It was good to see you again Zaira and I hope that we’ll get to see more of each other.” Peter said as he walked out the door.

“You too.” was all I could manage to say because honestly, I was scared to death.

After they were gone, I went back up to my room and tried to lock my window, but Derek opened it before I could.

“I don’t know if I should call the cops or scream for Scott. Why in the hell would you bring him here?!” I yelled at Derek.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Derek said back.

“Not what it looks like. Really? Because it looks like you’re betraying me, Scott, and Stiles.” I said as I looked at him.

Derek didn’t say anything, but looked at the ground.

“That’s what I thought. I don’t know what you two talked about at the hospital or with Scott, but I do know that I don’t want to be a part of it. I’ll tell you this that if I have to choose between you and Scott, then I’m going to choose Scott.” I said as that got Derek’s attention because he looked up at me.

I turned to walk away, but Derek caught my wrist. I glanced down at my wrist before I looked up at him.

“Look Zaira, I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m doing this to protect you. Peter could kill you and not think twice about it.” Derek said as he held my gaze.

“The only thing I want you to do is let me in. I’m not using you or anything like Kate did. I’m not like her and you know it. I know you’re protecting me, but I’m getting tired of all the secrets.” I said back as tears threatened to fall.

Derek didn’t say anything, but back me into a wall and kiss me. I was shocked at first, but gave in, and kissed him back. I don’t know what came over Derek, but maybe I finally broke those walls that he put up.

When we broke apart, I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my lips.

“What was that for?” I asked as I looked at Derek.

Derek didn’t say anything, but pecked my lips before he jumped out my window and ran off.

“What the hell? What was that all about? Maybe I’m finally getting through.” I said out loud to myself as I got ready for bed.

The next day, Scott and Stiles came to pick me up because they wanted to hang out or something like that, I don’t really know anymore with them.

“Why are we going to an abandoned lot?” I asked as Stiles drove us to some lot.

Neither of them said a word as we came up on Jackson and Mr. Argent.

“Yo.” Scott said.

“What’s up?” Stiles asked.

I just sat back and hid my face from Mr. Argent.

“Is everything ok?” Scott asked.

“Hey, Scott. Your friend here was having car trouble. We’re just taking a look.” Mr. Argent said.

“Wow.” Stiles said as I had to cover my mouth to keep from saying anything.

“There’s a shop right down the street. I’m sure they have a tow truck.” Scott said.

“Yeah. You want a ride?” Stiles asked.

I watched as Scott opened the door and knew that something was off about this situation.

“Hey, come on, Jackson. You’re way too pretty to be out here all by yourself.” Stiles said while making me gag.

Scott gave Jackson a look and Jackson started walking toward us, when Mr. Argent said, “Hey, boys.”

Mr. Argent went to the driver’s side of Jackson’s car, leaned in, and started the car.

“Told you I knew a few things about cars.” Mr. Argent said before he shut the door and walked away.

I got out of the jeep with Stiles when Mr. Argent left. I couldn’t shake this feeling that he had something to do with Jackson’s car trouble, but I didn’t know how to prove it. I shook those thoughts out of my head and listened as Scott went off on Jackson.

Well, actually, I didn’t even hear their conversation because Callie called me. I walked off and took the call.

“Hey, girl. Is everything ok?” I asked as I answered.

“Where are you?” Callie asked.

“I’m with Scott and Stiles. Is everything ok?” I asked again.

“Can you swing by my house when you’re done?” Callie asked and that’s when I noticed that something was wrong.

“Sure. I’ll be there soon.” I said as I hung up.

I walked back over to the boys, right as Jackson left. I noticed that Scott was really mad and Stiles was confused. I went over to Scott and hugged him.

“I love you both, but I need to get to Callie. I think she’s in trouble.” I said as I pulled away from Scott. I also noticed that Stiles had this look on his face like he was going to kill anyone that hurt Callie.

We got back in the jeep and headed to Callie’s house. When we got there, I noticed that my car was sitting in her driveway.

The boys dropped me off and I told them that I would call them when I knew what was up. They left and I headed into the house, with my gun drawn of course. I knew that something didn’t feel right, but I shook off the feeling, and headed upstairs.

I made a big mistake coming upstairs because when I got to the top, I was attacked by Bryson. I fought him off, but ended up being attacked by Kai as well. They overpowered me, tied me up, and dragged me into Callie’s room.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” Ryder said as he looked at me.

I just glared at him and watched as he smirked.

“What? Aren’t you glad to see me?” Ryder asked as he walked over to me, Kai, and Bryson.

“Not in the least.” I spat back.

“Oh, well. I’ll get to have my fun later, but for now we have somewhere to be.” Ryder said as he took me from Kai and Bryson.

They followed us out and watched as Ryder drove me somewhere. I was surprised when I noticed that we were at the Hale house.

“Glad to see that you remember this place, but that’s not where we’re going.” Ryder said as he dragged me to some type of gate that led underground.

I stayed quiet as I heard Kate explain something to Allison. I heard something growl and I knew that it was Derek.

“Seems like your boy toy is having fun.” Ryder said with a smirk while I bit my tongue.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My worst nightmare came true. Kate had Derek chained up and was torturing him. I tried to keep myself calm, but that wasn’t working.

“Why are you doing this?” I whispered to Ryder.

“You already know the answer sweetheart.” was all Ryder said.

What the hell was he talking about? I’m so confused right now. I hope that Allison sees me and begs Kate to let me go. I don’t like where this is going, and I sure as hell don’t want to be a puppet for whatever Kate wants to do with Derek.

My head hurts so much right now, so I’m going to breathe and try to figure out a way to get both me and Derek out of this mess. Where was Scott and Stiles when I need them? I hope Kate didn’t get to them. Where is Peter? Yes, I said his name. I wouldn’t care if it was him that saved us.

I felt Ryder pull me into the room, just as Kate said something to Allison. I glared at Kate and gave a look to Allison. Before anyone could say a word, Derek roared when he saw me.

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