Forgotten People & Forgotten Love

I thought it was us against the world, but then you left for the X-Factor, and i would've been fine with that if you hadn't of kissed me before you left then just threw me out of your world when your Career took off.


4. The Concert before the tour

The next morning when i woke up all the boys were gone except for Niall, then i said

"where'd everybody go?"

"they went to go get  some breakfast"

"so are you excited for tonight it's your first official concert, before your tour"

"yeah i'm excited but i'm gonna miss you"

"how long will you be gone"

"almost a year"

then i hugged him,and a few tears fell from my eye as he said

"Princess please don't cry then your gonna make me cry"

"i'm sorry it's just i just got you back and now your leaving me to go on almost a year long tour"

"well i'll be back before you even know i'm gone"

then i kissed him, and then we heard the boys say "Niall's  in how sweet"

then Niall looked at them, and i put my head on Niall's shoulder.

*the next morning*

the concert was amazing every single seat was taken, but after the concert they had to start their tour so i only got to see Niall for a minimum of 15 minutes, before he left.


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