Forgotten People & Forgotten Love

I thought it was us against the world, but then you left for the X-Factor, and i would've been fine with that if you hadn't of kissed me before you left then just threw me out of your world when your Career took off.


6. seeing each other again

*a year later*

it's been a year and Niall is finally coming home today. i'm so excited that i get to see him again the skype call about a year ago was the first and last communication we had on his tour.

I quickly got dressed and then i got into my car and drove to the airport, and when i got there there was a bunch of screaming girls holding posters with Niall's face on them. A few minutes later i finally saw Niall coming out of the airport and then he looked at me and then he looked away, and went straight over to his fans then i went over to him thinking he must of looked past me or something, and i said "i missed you Niall" "do i know you..... oh you must be a fan what would you like me to sign" "Niall it's me it's Carrie" "nice to meet you Carrie i'm Niall".

At that point the tears started to come out and i didn't care who saw, and then i quickly got into my car and started driving really fast home, and then i woke up in the hospital.

My mom was sitting right beside me, and i said "mom what happened to me?" "you were in a car accident, but don't worry the doctors say your gonna be just fine you just need to stay here for a few days while they observe you" "okay"  

then we heard a knock on the door and my mom answered it and a doctor came in and then my mom left the room.

"so your my doctor" i asked him "yes my name is Dr.Michael Anderson" "and how old are you Dr.Anderson" "i'm 23 i know what your thinking i'm kinda young to be a doctor, but i skipped a few grades so what about you"

"well i'm gonna have a birthday soon my ex-boyfriend is about a year or so older and i ended up here due to a car accident thats what my mom told me"

"well i'll be back later to check on you" "okay" then the doctor left.

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