Forgotten People & Forgotten Love

I thought it was us against the world, but then you left for the X-Factor, and i would've been fine with that if you hadn't of kissed me before you left then just threw me out of your world when your Career took off.


2. Questionable love

It's been two weeks since I last saw Niall, and I had just landed in England because i was gonna surprise Niall by showing up at the X-Factor and surprising him backstage.

When I got there i got my tickets, and started my search for him it didn't take long till someone finally helped me out.

The minute i got to Niall's room I took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

About 2 mins later a guy who looked around my age opened the door, and i said

"I'm sorry I must have the wrong room"   "who are you looking for?"  "Niall Horan"


"you got the right room but he is in the room where all our outfits are just go down the hall, and take a left then it's the first door"

"okay thank you"  "no problem".

When i got to the outfit room i went inside, and saw some girl sitting with Niall , and trying to kiss him , but he didn't try to push her off, and  in that moment i was so heartbroken how could my so called best friend/boyfriend do this to me.

I wasn't just gonna walk away, and ignore it though.


"Hi Niall how are you and your girlfriend here doing?" I said in the most sarcastic tone ever.

Niall finally turned around, and brought me out into the hall.

"It's not what it looks like she's just a friend"

"well you obviously want her to be more she's trying to kiss you, and stuff, but your not pushing her away".

Tears were starting to fall from both of our eyes, and i was about to break even more.


"i thought you loved me Niall"   "i do babe i didn't do anything i never would"

I believed him, but it still hurt knowing that girls would just be throwing themselves at Niall, and if he won this thing then I might loose him, and i didn't want that to happen.


I hugged him, and then kissed him, but it we weren't alone for long cause a few minutes later i heard multiple voices say   "oh look our Niall's in love".

We both looked at them still holding onto each other, and then Niall gave them a look, and they walked away.

"Who were those guys" I asked him.

"The guys are apart of my band they put me, and them all in a band together were called one direction"

"whats their names?"

"Harry,Zayn,Liam,and Louis, and me, but you already know me"

"i missed you Niall" "i missed you to"

"how much longer is this competition"

"not much longer why?"


"because i hate being away from you".


About 10 mins later the boys had to perform, and i watched them, and they were doing such a great job.

When the song was over Niall came over to me, and we went to his hotel room, and watched movies together, cuddled up on the couch, till we both fell asleep in each others arms.




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