Forgotten People & Forgotten Love

I thought it was us against the world, but then you left for the X-Factor, and i would've been fine with that if you hadn't of kissed me before you left then just threw me out of your world when your Career took off.


1. Goodbye for now

I'm just a normal  American girl who is living in Ireland, and in love with my best friend what could be normal then that but I never expected for him to love me back or at least i thought he did.


When i woke up this morning I went downstairs to get something to eat, and a few minutes after i got downstairs i heard a knock on the door. When I opened it I saw my best friend Niall Horan standing there just staring at me with tears in his eyes, and i knew something bad was about to happen.


"Niall are you okay whats wrong?" 

"I'm gonna be going on the X-factor, and i wanted to know what you thought about it"

"I'm glad for you Niall your gonna be pursuing your dreams that's all you ever wanted"

"I want you to go with me, and be there to support me"


"of course i'll be there for you Niall I'll always be there for you".

Two weeks later we were at the X-Factor in England , and Niall was Next in line.

"So are you ready Niall" i asked him   

"more ready then I'll ever be but before I do this I have to do something else" 

"what is it Niall?"   then he kissed me, and then we were interrupted by the person who brought Niall on stage.


When Niall got on the stage he gave me one last smile, and then started singing when he was done the judges told him that he made it through.

When he got off stage he kissed me again and held my hand then after all the auditions had happened the judges told all the people that had made it through that they had to stay in England for now throughout the competition.


I Knew this was gonna be goodbye then I went over to Niall with tears in my eyes, and then I said.

"So I guess this is goodbye then" 

"No it's goodbye for now cause i'm just gonna get off in the first round"


"No you won't your to talented"


"I love you"

"I love you to Niall".

I spent the night with Niall then the next morning I headed back to Ireland.












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