Forgotten People & Forgotten Love

I thought it was us against the world, but then you left for the X-Factor, and i would've been fine with that if you hadn't of kissed me before you left then just threw me out of your world when your Career took off.


3. A Love that lasts forever

The next morning when I woke up Niall wasn't there so i started flipping through channels on the Tv, and came across a live One Direction interview, and Niall was talking when an interviewer said

"Niall is it true that you have a girlfriend" "yes it's true" "and would you say your in love with her?"

"yes i would in fact i would call what i have with her a love that will last forever"

"well thats all the time we have for today, but i do wish you and your girlfriend luck" then the interview cut off, and about thirty minutes later Niall walked in through the door, and i went over to him, and i kissed him.

"I saw the interview" "really" "yep" "well then you obviously know what i'm about to do right"

"What's that" Then he leaned in and kissed me we kissed for a little while until Liam walked in and said

"Niall when do we have the concert"  "It's tomorrow night,why?"  "i thought that we could all hang out tonight, and watch movies, and order in"

"yeah sure what do you think Carrie?" "I think it's a great idea" and then Liam left.

When Liam left Niall looked over at me

"What is it" I asked him, and then he said "nothing"

Then that night we all hung out and ordered Chinese food, and then we played Video Games until we all fell asleep.

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