All the right mistakes

Teddy Ayana Cowell, is abandoned by her drug addict mother and a dead father she has no where to go. When the police are searching threw her files they find a name that is shocking. He is the only person to turn to. Will she like him? Or will she hate the one and only Simon Cowell? Read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

"Is that all you've got?" The chief police asked me, or Author. 

"Yea. What did you think I had, a huge room full of clothes." I said obviously getting annoyed. 

"No, just asking, Miss Cowell." 

I rolled my eyes and got into the drivers seat of the patrol car. I never realized how nice these things were. 

It has all this police stuff that they use on 'missions'. 

Author jumped in the drivers seat and started up his engine. 

I spotted the radio and turned it on. 

I started flipping channels to find one. 

I found a station and it was playing DNA by little mix. 


'Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it?
Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck?
No scientist or biology
It's obvious when he's holding me
It's only natural that I'm so affected

And my heart won't beat again
If I can't feel him in my veins
No need to question, I already know

It's in his DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away
B-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day,
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing more to say
It's in his D-D-D-DNA

It's the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future
Fingerprints that leave me covered for days, yeah, hey, yeah
Now I don't have any first degree
But I know, what he does to me
No need to work it out, it's so familiar, ooh, ooh, ooh

And my heart won't beat again
If I can't feel him in my veins
No need to question, I already know

It's in his DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away
B-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day,
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing more to say
It's in his D-D-D-DNA

It's all about his kiss
Contaminates my lips
Our energy connects
It's simple genetics
I'm the X to his Y
It's the colour of his eyes
He can do no wrong
No, he don't need to try
Made from the best
He passes all the tests
Got my heart beating fast
It's cardiac arrest
He's from a different strain
That science can't explain
I guess that's how he's made
In his d-d-d-DNA

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, oohh

It's in his DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away
B-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day,
And that's what makes a man (what makes a man)
Not hard to understand (to understand)
Perfect in every way (in every way)
I see it in his face (in his face)
Nothing more to say (nothing more to say)
It's in his D-D-D-DNA' I sung. 

I looked over at author and he was staring at me with amazement. 

I made big eyes at him and rose my eyebrows. 

"What?!" I asked. 

"Nothing, it's just now I can believe your Simon Cowell's  niece." 

I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. 

'Oh I just wanna take you anywhere you'd like-' I slapped my hand on the power button on the radio station. 

I absolutely hated that song and most importantly that stupid british band. 

Curly bugged me the most out of the whole band, he was most importantly ugly and too cocky. 

I decided I'd just listen to my music instead. 

I reached in my bag and found a pack of OREOS and some carrots. Don't judge. 

I pulled my carrots along with my iPod and started munching away while choosing a song. 

I saw author glare at me like I was some kind of mental idiot but I ignored him and kept munching on my carrots. 

I turned on madness by muse and hummed along. 

We finally arrived at the airport and I walked inside. 

There were many people walking up and down the walkway. 

I saw author walk in front of me and continued walking. 'Well then' I thought. 

I followed him and watched him put everything in place. 

"Alright sweetheart, your plane leaves in 5 minutes and there over there is your air way." He said pointing over to an airway with a girl in her early 30's standing by it, boarding passengers on. 

"Okay! Well, Im really not sure how long I will be gone, but nice meeting you!" I said and gave him a small hug. 

"Look forward to see you again." He said hugging back. 

"Thanks." I said walking away backwards slowly. 

He waved and I waved back. I turned around and gave the woman my air ticket. 

She smiled and let me threw. 

"Have a safe trip"she said, closing the door behind me. 

I walked down the walk way and into the plane. 

I took my seat next next to an empty seat. 

I put my bag on the top shelf and sat down and signed. 

This was going to be a long trip. 


I woke up to find a tall guy leaning above me. 

I cleared my throat and he sat down. 

"I'm sorry Hun." He said in a nice American accent. 

"It's okay... Do I know you?" I asked unsure Who he was. 

"I'm Bruno, Bruno mars." He said. 

"Oh my gosh, how could I have not noticed, I'm such a fan!" I said smiling like an idiot. 

"What's your name, gorgeous?" He asked. 

OMG Bruno mars, just called me gorgeous, suck on it bitches! 

"I'm Teddy, Teddy Cowell." I said. 

"Do you happen to be related to-" 

I cut him off. 

"Simon Cowell? Yea, he's my uncle, I'm actually going to 'visit' him now." I said using air quotes on the word visit. 

"Wow, that's cool." He replied. 

"Not as cool as sitting with Bruno mars." I said winking. Don't judge. I'm a major flirt as I'm told. 

He chuckled and we chatted until the plane finally landed. 

We walked off the plane together and went to pick up out bags. 

"It was nice meeting you teddy, it would be cool to hang out some time. Is there any chance I can have your number?" He asked. 

I got all jumpy. Freaking Bruno mars just asked for my number. 

I nodded and we exchanged numbers. 

I gave him and quick hug and I walked outside to find my uncle. 

I spotted a guy holding a sign that said 'Teddy'. I walked over to him. 

"You must be teddy." He said smiling. 

"That'd be me!" I said all happy. 

He escorted me to a black limo and opened to door to me. 

I got in. No surprise to me. My uncle was Simon Cowell no way he would go small. 

The limo driver shut the door and placed himself in the very front of the vehicle. It started moving and I looked out the window. 

It was beautiful, London was absolutely gorgeous. 

I smiled to myself of how pretty it was. 

We arrived shortly at a insanely large house. Or should I say mansion. 

It was white will two sets of steps leading up to the house. 

Someone opened my door, I saw two boys carrying my bags inside of the massive house. 

The lady so opened the door motioned for me to get out of the limo. 

I crawled out and stood staring a the massive house. 

I saw a recognized man walk out of the house with 5 boys who were recognized as well. 

I smiled brightly and they approached me. 

Uncle si came up to me and I hugged him tightly. 

"You've grown so much!" He said. 

"We'll, yea, I guess." 

He chuckled. 

"Boys, this is my beautiful niece teddy."  He said. 

The five boys came from behind him and waved.

They came one by one introducing themselves. 

I tried to act like a cared. But deep inside I didn't and was vomiting inside. 

"I'm Liam." A boy with a shaved hair cut came up to me. He kissed my hand walked beside my uncle again. 

Remind me to boil my hand. 

A boy with dark brown eyes stepped forward. "I'm Zayn." He kissed my hand and walked back to his former place. 

Blondie stepped forward. "I'm Niall." He said. He didn't kiss me on my hand, he leaned in and kissed my cheek. 

I rose my eyebrows at uncle si and he shrugged. I saw the other boys tense up. Weird people. 

A guy wearing red skinny jeans and a striped shirt stepped forward. "I'm Louis!" He said a bit to cheerful. He kissed my cheek and winked. He walked back to his spot. 

Curly walked up. I nearly threw up all over him. 

I gulped as he stood in front of me. I smiled and signed.

"I'm harry, but you can call me haz." He said he leaned in to kiss my cheek and I pretended to sneeze before he reached my face. 

"No thanks, I'd rather call you... Curly." I said. 

His cocky smirk turned into a frown as the boys behind him giggled behind him. 

He winked and leaned in and whispered. "fiesty, I like fiesty." 

I coughed and pulled my bag higher on my shoulder. 

"As my uncle stated, I'm teddy, and if you don't mind, don't ever call me Ted." I smiled brightly and they all nodded. 

"Sara show her to her room, please." Uncle si said. 

She gestured for me to follow her and we walked into the large house. 

I listened to her small black heels clank on the golden floor while my while converse were quiet as can be. 

I started thinking as I followed her up the flight of stairs. 

Why were those boys here? 

How do they know my uncle Simon? 

I think I'm going to my room to started researching on my ole uncle si. 





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