A poem about the magical word "Abracadabra".


1. 001

Charms and Spells,
Misfortune tells.
Make something disappear,
No regret, no tear...

Magical inverted triangle,
Inscription do bear.
One letter dropped,
Forming a triangle.
Abracadabra it is!

Warding off the plague,
Corruption of a phrase.
Quintus Serenus Sammonicus;
Inventing the erase.

"Abhadda kedhabhra",
Disappear at once!
"Abreq ad habra",
Hurl your thunderbolt
Even unto death.

Abraxas; The Gnostic God;
Evil Eye! O, Charm of mine!
Corruption of a Demon,
Of long-forgotten history.

Hobgoblin word,
Puritan Minister Increase Mather.
Crowley believed else,
Possessing great power
In Abrahadabra itself!

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