Cody, its Better when we're Together

Cody and Lizett are a young couple that have had their love kept a secret since the day they'd met, well at least from their families. Cody looses the love of his life, because Lizett moves to Chicago. Now after four years their secrecy has caused chaos within their families, saying that their love is still alive. Their parents thought they've gotten over that silly summer romance and moved on to another life...not them, Cody doesn't give up on her, he lost her once and he's not gonna do it again. Cody runs away from home to find the woman that once stole his heart. Now after finding her, they have a choice to make: either give themselves up to each other and run-away to start a new life or sacrifice all they've had together to stop their families from falling apart.
They have a choice...They must choose...


4. The break-up

                 I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was moving. My Dad said that we we're gonna live in Chicago. My brother didn't care he hated his school here, my Mum has always wanted to live someplace else, and my Dad thought it was the best for some reason. After Cody and I got out of the hospital, our parents let us spend as much time together as we could before I leave. Cody's parents didn't really get along with mine. We never knew why, we got along, why couldn't our parents?

"I can't believe you're leaving, who am I gonna kiss good night everyday?" he said sadly hugging me from behind.(The sunset was beautiful that evening)

"How 'bout Kylie or Kendall Jenner..." I said annoyingly

"What's that supposed to mean?" he said a bit more concerning to the conversation.

"You used to go out with Kylie or I don't know which one of the Jenner twins you used to date, but I guess you should go back with either of them." I said in an impatient tone.

"First of all, I never dated any one in my life besides you!" he said angrily. "Secondly, why on Earth would you want me to date some one else beside you?"

"If you thought about for a while, you could tell I was using sarcasm!!!!!" I yelled at him.

"WELL I'M SORRY FOR NOT COMPREHENDING!!!!!!"  he yelled back. I slapped him so hard that my own hand hurt real bad. He stared at me for a good long moment, with a huge red hand print on his face.

"OK, you want it that way?, fine it's gonna be that way." he said in a mixed tone of sad and angry.

"Fine." The mad look on my face quickly disappeared as he said that. He started to walk away.

He turned around to say "And don't blame me about loosing your virginity, because all I did was give you all the love that I had and you stole it from me without warning. So don't go on saying to your family that I "raped you" 'cause if you do, I'll find you, and ruin your life! "

"Well, my sweet AussieBear, incase you haven't noticed, you lost you virginity that night too, so don't warn me, I'm not known internationally so if you spill the soup, it's only gonna affect you." I said slyly.

He stared at me for a few seconds then ran towards me, I ran towards him too, he lifted me by the hips & I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he held me up by my upper thigh (near my bum). We kissed, instead of kissing me softly he kissed me really hard, it kinda hurt my lips a bit, but a kiss is a kiss who's gonna complain? The kiss was kinda like the one from the Notebook, The Rachael McAdams style kiss.

"I'm never... *kiss* gonna for... *kiss*...give you for... *kiss* this!" he said between every kiss.

"Me... *kiss* neither..." I said identical to him.

*Really long kiss* "I don't want you to leave... *kiss* I want you to...*kiss* stay here...*kiss*with me."

Cody fell onto the sand(on his sexy bum), along with me on top of him(my sexy bum on his lap, but each leg on the sides of his waist), he laughed, so did I. I couldn't help kissing him over and over, so passionately, that a wave washed us over. We got soaked, but not even the wave could get Cody off my lips, it was his cue to me that we were gonna play "7 minutes in Heaven" more like 35 minutes! The guy would not get off my lips for a second! Not that it bothered me, I loved this game!

"LIZETT!" called my Mumzzie.

"What?" I said kinda opening my mouth a bit, because seriously, Cody was biting my bottom lip. I loved my man, I kinda pictured my life 5 or 6 years from now, with him and it was wonderful!

"C'mon we're leaving!" she called. Cody let go of my lip and his jaw dropped wide open! I closed it with my index finger on my right hand.

"How??!?!!!?!" I called at her with confusion "it's only been and hour and a half!!!"

"We got some help!" called my Mum and One Direction climbed outta the back of the truck (there was a U-Haul attached to the car). Cody's eyes widened with envy, because when I first got there, Louis Tomlinson had a major crush on me(so did everyone else, except Niall, because he was dating my friend Kylie Wagner), of course I had a crush on Cody, Cody found out, Cody got jealous, and Louis challenged him to a fist fight, strange that 21 year-old Louis got the crap beaten out of him, by 16 year-old Cody, Louis said he was gonna conquest me one day, and I said that my Knight in Shining Armor would never let his Damsel in Distress get into the wrong hands. He's still after me, but Cody's got me covered.

I sat up, and walked towards the car/truck and Cody got behind me, because Louis is capable of kicking his bum, he wouldn't dare attack him with Cody behind me, so I told him to hold my hand, as I walked by, I gave him death looks and he made me kissy faces, sounds, and blew me kisses. Cody obviously got mad and attempted to beat him up ,but I got in the way.

"Once she's gone, we'll see who rightfully claims her." said Louis in a wired voice.

"Clearly it's already me, and always will be." Cody said angrily. Louis struggled to get out of the Lads' grasp, and Cody tried too, but since I'm woman he can't push me outta his way or anything I held my body against him (as in my chest facing his chest) and pushed him slightly just so he won't do something stupid.

"If you lay one finger on MY man..." I said clenching my teeth "YOU will be very sorry!" I finished normally (normally meaning: angrily and not clenching my teeth).

"What are YOU gonna do about it?" Louis said rudely.

"A REAL MAN would respect a woman's wishes..." said Cody.

"Now, Louis, calm down, there are other way to settle this once and for all..." said Niall "heck, what am I sayin', it's already settled, Lizett is indeed Cody's woman so just forget about her, she won't love you anyway, right Lizett?"

"Uh, sure, r...r...right" I said awkwardly. My parents didn't really notice what was goin' on they were chattin' away.

"Cody's woman?!?!?!?!?!!?" said Louis kinda exasperated "What, ya kiddin'??!!? It's not like they've had sex or anything!" Cody and I turned pale, we felt as if our blood had turned into cold water of how freaked out we were when Louis mentioned "not that they've had sex or anything".

"OK guys, lets just get it done with OK?" I said, trying to end this complex situation.

"I'm gonna miss you baby..." he said kissing me tenderly on the lips, and teary-eyed.

"Imma miss you too AussieBear..." I said, tears streaming down my face.

"AAAAAWWWWW" the Lad's said in unison(all at once) except Louis.

"That's so tender, and romantic isn't it Louis?" asked Zayn.

Louis slowly turned and looked at him with disgust and shook his head at him.

"C'mon!" yelled my Dad.

"OK, OK chillax" I said.

"Well, uh, see ya later Lads..." I said crying.

"Later Liz." They all said in unison, including Louis, he was crying.

I too was crying then wiped my cheeks, gave Cody one last goodbye kiss, and he was crying too, he wiped my eyes with a white handkerchief, the he put it in my hand and said "open it" so I did and when I unfolded it, it had a picture that Alli (Cody's sister) took of us on the beach(it was a personalized hanky), in the same position I was I with him earlier, my legs wrapped on his waist, his hands hoisting me up, near my sexy bum, and doin' the Rachael McAdams kiss. (Kinda like the cover photo).



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