Cody, its Better when we're Together

Cody and Lizett are a young couple that have had their love kept a secret since the day they'd met, well at least from their families. Cody looses the love of his life, because Lizett moves to Chicago. Now after four years their secrecy has caused chaos within their families, saying that their love is still alive. Their parents thought they've gotten over that silly summer romance and moved on to another life...not them, Cody doesn't give up on her, he lost her once and he's not gonna do it again. Cody runs away from home to find the woman that once stole his heart. Now after finding her, they have a choice to make: either give themselves up to each other and run-away to start a new life or sacrifice all they've had together to stop their families from falling apart.
They have a choice...They must choose...


2. That one Autumn Night

                      After a while, Cody and I got very friendly with each other, we went Beach everyday and played "7 minutes in Heaven" ,but not in the closet, instead we did it on the sand. A lot a people don't really notice us ,because some people mind their own business (thank God!), we even had confidence that paparazzi won't get us, 'cause not many International Pop stars go to the Beach, so why would they go there? Anyway the point is I was just lying there in the coarse sand (we just wore regular clothes that day)and Cody said:

"What are you thinking about?" 

'''Nothing, just the fact that summers over...'' I said silently

"Well, on the bright side, instead of surfing we can go snowboarding." he said, thinking it would hopefully cheer me up.

''yeah, but, not that I hate it or anything, but it's layers ,I don't like wearing layers! It's frustrating!" I said in a irritant-like voice.

"Oh c'mon babe, it barely Autumn, we'll just wear sweaters, besides California doesn't get too cold" he said holding me close to him. Then in the calm sounds of waves crashing, a clapping of thunder ripped through the serene silence. The sky started to darken as the sun hid behind some storm clouds, people started to grab their belongings and run to their cars. So did we. The unexpected happened, Tidal wave. We ran to Cody's car, as other people were running towards the parking lot and screaming in panic, surfers were barely wading out of the water, others just left their things out on the shore and ran for cover.

"Hurry!" I screamed

"It won't start!" he yelled as the car sputtered. "gimmie a minute let me check it out" he said in a strong voice, that I could barely hear over the howling winds and pouring rain.

"Cody!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, as I horrifyingly saw the monstrous wave approach the shore.

"I got it!" he screamed, he started the car and we drove at 60 miles per hour!

"Someone cut our spark plugs, I had to start the motor manually" he said in a trembly voice

"Why?..." Then through the rear-view mirror I saw the lethal wave growing.

"Cody?" I said almost whispering

"Yeah?" he said

"don't look back..." I said ever so silently, I could hear the screeching tires of skidding cars across the driveways.

He said "Too late" the car started to flip over and I felt water pouring in through the vents, I hit my head on the windshield and I could hear Cody screaming my name, everything went black.

I woke up, with the taste of blood in my mouth (I didn't loose any teeth thank God) there was blood allover me, my head looked like I needed stitches, there was broken glass everywhere, then I thought "Cody!" I saw him with a deep cut on his forehead in the drivers seat next to me.

"Oh my God, Cody! Cody c'mon baby say some thing to me, please!" I said, in a high pitched voice, holding his face and tears streaming down my face. I lied my head on his chest to see if I heard a his heartbeat...I did! I couldn't do CPR in the position he was in and the car was in a terrible condition that I couldn't move him by myself so I did the best I could to put pressure on his chest with my hands, I held his nose while I pressed my lips to his, I felt his arm twitch, I did this procedure about 3 times then his body jumped, as if being electrocuted, and started to cough out water. He sat up and said:

"Oh, baby, *coughs* thank you"

"don't thank me, its nothing to thank ,saving a life is something you gotta do. anyway where are we?" I said realizing our condition.

"I don't have the slightest clue..." he said in terror

"Oh God, what are we gonna do?" I said, trembling.

"First lets get out of the car, then we can search for...something." he said a he tried to get out the window, it was all bloody with jagged edges of broken glass. So together we kicked at the windshield until it shattered.

                    We climbed out to find ourselves in a pharmacy and Cody's car flipped upside down, strange how we didn't notice it...the place around looked like a ghost town, we started to look for drinks and food, obviously we would find something edible, its a pharmacy.

"Was the wave that bad?" Cody asked

"To wipeout the whole town?, I doubt it..." I answered him, questioning myself. I didn't notice he was taking some other things that weren't essential, things for the end I guessed he would take something like that.

"Where are we gonna find shelter?, everything is trashed" I said to him in a silent voice.

"How about there?" he pointed to house that was a bit destroyed, but not to shabby.

         We walked for 15 minutes straight, until finally we arrived, it was a residence.

"Beufort Residence" I said

"Its not too bad, lets go in." he said confidently. We lit a fire in the fireplace and we found some clothes upstairs, apparently a family of 2 teenage girls, 4 teenage boys, a baby girl, a Mum, and a Dad (there were pictures of them all over the Living Room). It wasn't badly damaged by the storm. It was a cozy little residence (more like a mansion!).

"Are you tired?" Cody asked me.

"No, a bit rattled, but I'm OK" I said kinda nervous. I got up and went to sit next to him(I was sitting on the carpet) and I snuggled with him for a while, then he whispered:

"I love you" his voice tingling as his lips brushed against my ear.

"I love you too" I whispered back and I told him to do me a favor. I asked him to make love to me.

I then took of his shirt and unbuckled his pants, he took of my tank and unbuttoned my short-shorts, he slowly lied me on the floor, lying on top of me he took one of my wrists and strongly held it down, I became a bit scared of him because he was holding me down ,but I trusted him ,and not even for a second he took his lips off mine, after about 5 minutes he slowly moved to my neck, he rubbed his chest on me for about a minute or two at a very unnoticeable pace. I couldn't take it anymore, I felt short of breath, I began to gasp for air. We slowly sat up and he held me above him for moment, finally we joined as one ,I let out a soft cry and buried my face in his neck, I felt him deep inside, I felt his strength, his soul, it was a feeling that no one can possibly imagine. That one Autumn night was the night we both lost our virginity, and I'll never regret it because I knew I could trust him. Best night of my life, the most unforgettable night.

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