Cody, its Better when we're Together

Cody and Lizett are a young couple that have had their love kept a secret since the day they'd met, well at least from their families. Cody looses the love of his life, because Lizett moves to Chicago. Now after four years their secrecy has caused chaos within their families, saying that their love is still alive. Their parents thought they've gotten over that silly summer romance and moved on to another life...not them, Cody doesn't give up on her, he lost her once and he's not gonna do it again. Cody runs away from home to find the woman that once stole his heart. Now after finding her, they have a choice to make: either give themselves up to each other and run-away to start a new life or sacrifice all they've had together to stop their families from falling apart.
They have a choice...They must choose...


5. Life is a Highway

            The whole way I cried and cried, all I could think of was Cody. My brother was asleep in the back seat on the left side, I was on the right with the handkerchief clutched in my hand, my phone in my pocket, a shoebox of photographs that where sepia-toned, my Gibson Studio Electric-Acoustic EC Acoustic guitar and my Copia di Antonio Stradivarius 4/4 violin. I was falling asleep when my phone vibrated, Cody texted me!

"Hey, baby" he texted with a sad face.

"Hey" I replied with a teary face.

"You OK?" he sent with a nervous face.

"*Sniff* NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" I sent with a crying face, and I was literally crying.

"I miss you already!!!!!!" he sent with exclamation points...times a hundred.

"I wish I hadn't left, why did I have to move? why us?" I texted back, without any faces or silly marks.

"I don't know, but like they say in Italy: Those who don't die, will find each other once again." he  texted with a half smiley.


"Oh, my phones gonna die, txt ya later" I texted.

"OK" Cody answered.

"Hey, Cody?" I replied quickly.

"Yeah" he texted back really fast.

"I love you." I sent with a heart.

"I love y..." *PHONE SHUTS OFF*

"UUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I complained loudly.

"What's up?" my Dad asks.

"My phone just died" I answered in a boring voice. He fell silent and after a while he fell asleep, the sky had darkened by the mile. My Dad took the wheel and my Mum moved to the passengers seat and fell asleep. I took out my iPod and listened Justin Timberlake, Jack Johnson, One Direction, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and some country, a few by Taylor Swift, and Alan Jackson, mostly some random ones. I had over 1,000 songs on that thing , but I only listened to favorites, there this one song by Glenn Miller called In the Mood, it's older than the oldest man on Earth and I love it. In the end I stayed up the whole way, crying and remembering the night at the Beufort Residence. I found my laptop the shoebox next to me, so I plugged in my phone with the USB cable. I had over 50 messages from Louis in the past three hours. What the Hell could he want?


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