Cody, its Better when we're Together

Cody and Lizett are a young couple that have had their love kept a secret since the day they'd met, well at least from their families. Cody looses the love of his life, because Lizett moves to Chicago. Now after four years their secrecy has caused chaos within their families, saying that their love is still alive. Their parents thought they've gotten over that silly summer romance and moved on to another life...not them, Cody doesn't give up on her, he lost her once and he's not gonna do it again. Cody runs away from home to find the woman that once stole his heart. Now after finding her, they have a choice to make: either give themselves up to each other and run-away to start a new life or sacrifice all they've had together to stop their families from falling apart.
They have a choice...They must choose...


1. In the Beginning

               Once upon a time, wait, this isn't a fairy tail if it was I would be a Princess, in this case I am definitely NOT a Princess, lets get to the chase...*clears throat* In the Beginning I was in my freshman year of high school (2013, I'm turning 14 in July 28th), my life was the very definition of "perfect": a great Dad, an awesome Mum, cutest little brother on Earth (from my perspective) and I had all the company in the world, my best friends. I've had a dream: to pursue an Acting, Modeling, Song-Writing, Dancing and Singing career(obviously I'm already a musician), but unfortunately I've had no possible way to follow it, my Mumzzie (as I call my Mum) she found a way to get me into Hollywood. It was the gateway into my dream world, I took the chance and guess what? I made it In! all I had to do now is to charm the daring Cody Simpson(he's 16 years old), he was my favorite singer...I loved him! But the unexpected happened, I went shopping on a hot June summer day and I didn't know he was shopping too! I obviously thought I looked like a wreck so I tried to cover my face with a really cute hat, but he saw me and grabbed my arm. I froze.

"Why did you try and hide from me?" he asked me

'' I...I wasn't hiding, who said I was hiding?" I answered

"Well, it looked like you WERE hiding..." he said

"Well, if I was, I wouldn't be hiding from you" I told him

''Why not?" he asked

"Because you're..." and just I was about to answer him, I realized that if I told him my feelings, he might be scared away so I reached into my pocket and turned on the ringer on my iPhone 5 and I pretended that someone had called me.

"Oh, sorry I wish we could talk ,but I gotta go..." and I ran.

I turned the corner and saw him, he was just standing there, all disappointed that I had just left him standing there like an idiot.


          I crashed into him at the recording studio building in New York (we both worked with Atlantic Records)

Oh My God I am so sorry," I said

"Look I don't want you to be afraid of me, because you really need to know that I have strong feelings for you!" he said in a very self-confident voice

"...I" that's the only thing I said before he interrupted me to say

"Ever since I saw for the first time I couldn't get you off my mind, and the day I saw you at the Shopping Plaza, your smell has haunted me ever since." he said it almost yelling at me and at the very end of the last  word he pulled me towards him, and hugged me tightly as if it was the day he would see me.

"Cody, I...I don't what to say..." I said quietly

He asked me "What do mean?"

"I've loved you since the day I knew you existed which was the day I heard "IyIyI" come out!" I said in a trembly-about-to-cry voice.

              He stared at me for a brief moment. Then he kissed me. My first kiss, the dreamiest kiss. He kissed me so tenderly, I felt his love, in just one kiss I felt how deep his passion was for me.

I pulled away.

"What's wrong?" he asked, as he gave me a look so indescribable that broke my heart to pieces right on the spot.

"Don't you think we should think it through a bit?" I said in a voice that clearly said "forget getting to know each other, let's just act like we've known each other for ages!" I had no idea how much my voice was exposing, it was very embarrassing! ,but he stood there staring at the ground.

''Cody?" I said

"yeah..." he answered

"Hold me...and never let go..." I said softly, he stared for a moment, and he held me so gentle like, I felt his strength, his heat, his breath upon my neck. "I'll never let go...not in a million years" he whispered, "Never".





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