No Time for Death

18 year old Kate was in deep depression she thought life couldn't get better until... she met Harry Styles. When she tries to run off with him her abusive father gets in the way. Can she escape her abusive father? Can Harry and her work out the problems?


3. The Next Day

I woke up scared as shit, not knowing where I was. I looked around trying to remember then in came Harry. I instantly remembered who he was, where I was, and what I was doing. He came and sat next to me putting his arm on my bad shoulder not knowing that it was my bad one. "OH SHIT THAT HURTS" He jumped up as I laughed at his reaction. 

-Harry's P.O.V-

I walked back into my room after she scared me half to death. I just sat there and thought. I thought about what if we started dating, what if we got married, what if we had kids, what would our kids names be, would the be Jamie and Caroline, Justin and Cody, John and Candy, would we grow old together, would we be buried together, would our family come see us every holiday? I couldn't hold the question back anymore. I got up ran into her room, looked but she wasn't in there. I saw the bathroom door open so I peeked in and saw her brushing her teeth. I ran and sat on her bed waiting for her to come. hey um Kate "yeah Harry" will you go out with me? "Oh um Harry I'd love to but..." 

-Kate's P.O.V- 

Oh no! I couldn't tell him that this morning Niall and I kisses he'd kill Niall. I love harry but Niall just well he's not a "sex addict pervert" like Harry. I have to tell Harry the truth. Harry? "yeah?" Niall and I kissed this morning! "WHAT THE HELL KATE" with that he stormed out of my room I had to get him back here I know I just met Harry but I think I'm in love I have to show harry that.

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