No Time for Death

18 year old Kate was in deep depression she thought life couldn't get better until... she met Harry Styles. When she tries to run off with him her abusive father gets in the way. Can she escape her abusive father? Can Harry and her work out the problems?


2. On The Run

 As I am running out the door I soon realize I have no where to go all my other family has died it was only me and my father. What the hell will I do I have never been prepared to be alone. I have little money. I can't stop at a friends house because I have no friends. I guess I will just go until I can't go any farther. I pull out my phone i was lucky enough to get i mean it isn't much its only a flip phone but it is good enough. I check the time 7 pm. It is winter so it is already dark I can't see anything so i just keep going. I run across the street not looking and just my luck I am hit by a car. I groan in pain it's not to bad so I jump up and continue going. But now i'm injured so i'm just hobbling slowly. "Shit", I say because if my father sees me he could easily get me.

"Hey, Are you okay?", I turn around to see this beautiful boy so angelic looking with his curls and his perfect green orbs. I am frozen by his looks. I see another guy get out of the car. He is good looking too just nothing compares to the curly haired guy. "are you okay?" The blondie asks. 

As I snap back to reality i say barely audible "yeah im okay"  I try to hobble away but I hear footsteps behind me and I know these guys weren't convinced with my answer and won't give up.

"Here Can We help you, where are you going? We can drive you home if you would like? By the way I'm Harry and this is Niall I am assuming you don't know who we are considering you are not flipping out because that happens a lot." He rambles on.

"No no I am fine walking home and nice to meet you Harry and Niall I am Kate." I start to go when I feel someones hand on my shoulder their touch feels electric. I look back at them a little wide eyed and harry's face matching mine. Niall takes my bag and puts it in the car while harry carries me to the car. 

"Do you want to stay at our house tonight because it looks like you don't really know where you are going considering you are holding a duffle bag and you look like you are in a rush to go leave",Says Niall. I just stare blankly at him then turn to look out my window. I hear Harry hit Niall then I hear "Owwwwwwww Harry"

I just stay silent the car ride out of the corner of my eye I see Harry keep glancing back at me though and I blush.

When we reach the house I gasp scratch house it is a damn mansion. I see a pool a hot tub a tennis court and the yard is HUGE. I try to act normal but this house is astonishing! 

 We go inside and I have to admit I am a little intimidated. I hear Harry say "Kate come meet the guys"following the voice I see three more guys. They introduce themselves as Liam, Louis, and Zayn. I respond saying "Hi I am Kate" I have to say I am a little awkward I don't really talk to people so I just avoid talking to people most of the time. 

I walk over to Niall and ask where can I sleep he points me to a room and I say goodnight to the guys and get ready to go to bed. It is only 9 but it has been a long day for me. 


Hi Thank you if you are reading this, I am a new cowriter i am a little new to writing so if you could give me some help i would really appreciate it Thank you so much I will be writing the even chapters so yeah um thank  you again bye guys if people are even reading this




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