No Time for Death

18 year old Kate was in deep depression she thought life couldn't get better until... she met Harry Styles. When she tries to run off with him her abusive father gets in the way. Can she escape her abusive father? Can Harry and her work out the problems?


4. Kill Yourself

Harry's P.O.V



I was so fucking furious i mean beyond furious. Niall was my best friend and he kissed the girl of my dreams! I ran into Kate's room ready to apoligize but instead I saw her and I freaked. "WHAT THE FUCK KATE" "what? Harry I'm not even doing anything" "KATE I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU I LET YOU INTO MY HOUSE THEN YOU KISSED MY BEST FRIEND I BET YOU EVEN FAKED YOUR WHOLE STORY LIFE" "HARRY LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR SAYING" "ENOUGH KATE WHY DON'T YOU JUST KILL YOURSELF YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT" I heard her whisper, "fine i will" then I walked out and cried in my room.


Kate's P.O.V


Harry told me to kill myself so maybe I will. Actually no maybe I just will. I walked into the bathroom pulled out a razor blade and slit my wrist. I blacked out after that.


Harry's P.O.V



I just realized what I had said so I ran into Kate's room she wasn't there I checked the bathroom and there was Kate on the floor dying with a slit on her wrist. What did I do.

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