Beside you.

Kendra (16)& Kira(15) have been best friends for a few yeas now, Going through high school they've stuck with each other through thick and thin, they have a lot on common I guess that's why you could say they're practically sisters.
They have the same interest in music as well, one direction, five seconds of summer ect.
one day they win tickets to 5SOS. Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out what happens when they meet Luke Hemmings & Calum Hood!


2. The Contest.

Kira's POV

Todays the day of the 5SOS ticket contest! We're defiantly giving it all we got to win those two front row tickets, those boys have impacted our lives more than people think! I kinda have this MAJOR crush on Luke Hemmings though!

"KENDRAA! THE CONTEST STARTS IN FIVE MINUTES GET UP HERE!" I yelled for Kendra to hurry, i really wasn't going to loose these tickets! 

"IM COMINGGG!" She yelled as she ran as fast as she could up the stairs.

"3 Minutes!" I screeched as we turned the radio up waiting for the radio host to announce the tickets

"Now! its the time a bunch of teenage girls have been waiting for! the first caller to call gets two front row and meet and greet tickets to the teenage heartthrobs 5 Seconds of Summer!" announced the radio host 


We dialed the number with our thumbs that could type so fast from years of blogging and hit call. 
the phone was on speaker so i didnt really drop my phone.

"AHHHH!" Me and kendra both screeched and told the radio man we'd be there tomorrow to pick the tickets up. 

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