Beside you.

Kendra (16)& Kira(15) have been best friends for a few yeas now, Going through high school they've stuck with each other through thick and thin, they have a lot on common I guess that's why you could say they're practically sisters.
They have the same interest in music as well, one direction, five seconds of summer ect.
one day they win tickets to 5SOS. Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out what happens when they meet Luke Hemmings & Calum Hood!


1. Surprises

Kendra's P.O.V

I groaned as I heard the beeping of my alarm clock. Waking up was torture to me, especially after I had stayed up till 5AM practically screaming about my favorite band with my best friend, Kira. When her parents came in to tell us to shut up and go to sleep, we turned off the light and talked to each other in hushed voices and giggles. I turned my head, and I almost screamed. Kira's face was right in front of mine, and it was obvious she was still sleeping. I laughed at myself for being so stupid, and shook her awake. "Kira." I said, shaking her by her shoulder. She grumbled, "what the hell do you want?" I frowned. "Get the fuck up." She opened her eyes and gave me a death stare. She reminded me of a bear during hibernation, when it was awoken from its slumber. She looked like she was about to tear me to shreds. I felt my phone vibrate, and searched the bed for it. I looked under the blanket, pillow, and on the floor. There was no trace of it, and I frowned. "Kira get up, I need to see if you're on my phone." She grumbled a bit, then got up. Ahh, there my phone was. She had been sleeping on it. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. I gasped as I looked at the screen.

5SOS radio competition is today!

I looked at Kira, and showed her the screen. We both looked at each other, as our grins slowly grew. After about five seconds of smiling like fools, we let out a loud scream.




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